Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha : release date, price and data sheet.


This morning, Xiaomi has raised the curtain on a phone of a new kind, in which the display extends to the edges, the Mi MIX Alpha.

The screen is simply delimited by two thin borders (2,15 mm) in titanium alloy, placed in the top and bottom. At the rear, is a ceramic band in which are housed 3 sensors photos. This design allows the Mi MIX Alpha to get the incredible ratio screen 180,6 % !

This smartphone has nothing to do with what we have seen up to now.

Xiaomi has stated that virtual buttons have been added on the side, they are pressure sensitive with a haptic feedback and has installed a sound system on the screen to eliminate the need for speakers.

Since the Mi original Mix, the photo sensor selfie has always been a point of friction and it is only with the Mid Mix 3 that a compromise has been found with a sliding mechanism that has served to mask the sensor.

On the Mi MIX Alpha, this problem no longer exists since the display is no limit to the front, the main objective can be used as a sensor in the front or rear.

The Mi MIX Alpha is the first smartphone to use the sensor ISOCELL Bright HMX Samsung ..108 Mp !

It is equipped with a sensor ultra-wide 1/1,33-inch with a resolution of crazy 12 032 x 9 024 pixels. Part of a module triple, the objective of 108 Mp is joined by the sensors side of 20 Mp and 12Mp.

More megapixels does not necessarily mean a better photo, but the examples given by Xiaomi during the presentation were stunning. It has been demonstrated how it is possible to zoom in on a selfie 8x and see every detail, every hair and every wrinkle. What you may want to not do it, of course.

The Alpha incorporates a processor Snapdragon 855+ so it is compatible 5G. It is boosted with a RAM of 12 Gb and offers a storage UFS 3.0 512 Gb, finally its battery of 4050 mAh battery is compatible with the load at 40 W.

What is the release date of the Mi Mix Alpha ?.

Announced in China on the 24th of September, Xiaomi has confirmed that it was a concept that will enter production on a small scale in December 2019.

How much is the Mi Mix Alpha ?.

Xiaomi has the gift of designing great products and sell them at advantageous prices. For the Mi MIX Alpha, don’t expect it to be less than 500 €.

In fact, if one takes account of its unique design, its components last cry, and of million Yuan was invested in RandD, Xiaomi has arrived at a selling price of 2 560 €.