Word free : how to download the software from Microsoft ?.


You have a new smartphone or a new tablet and you want to enjoy the free Microsoft Office ? Thanks to this article, discover how to have the Office package and other office suites compatible with Microsoft, without paying anything.

Download the free application of Microsoft Office .

The mobile version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is available for free on Android, iOS and of course Windows Phone and tablet.

The table below gives you the download links for each device and program :

Windows Phone
and tablet iOS Android Word Word Word Excel Excel Excel PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint

The trial version of Office 365 .

Microsoft Office applications are free of charge on mobile devices (phone or tablet).

If you download them on your PC, then their use will be limited to the opening and closing of documents.

To have access to the features of editing, you will either need to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365, from 69 € (you can also take advantage of its free trial version for a month), or use the free service online, Office Online.

In fact, if you have an email address to Outlook, then this service will allow you to create, edit and share in real time documents Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and from any device.

In addition, Office Online does not require any installation since it uses directly from your web browser.

The best free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

There are many alternatives to Microsoft Office, and LibreOffice is one of them.

This office suite is open source and completely free.

Thanks to the latter, you can do word processing, create spreadsheets, and even save your documents to Microsoft formats.

WPS Office, FreeOffice or Google Docs are other suites, free you offering similar advantages.