When is the next Apple event ?.


If it happens that Apple has announced spontaneously the release of a new product, as a general rule the california firm follows a defined schedule : in June, WWDC, in September, the iPhone.

Summary of 2018 (so far) .

March 2018 has seen the launch of a new iPad, and in June there was held the traditional WWDC. During this week’s conference for Apple developers, the brand has announced major upgrades on its four platforms (iOS 12, macOs Mojave, watchOS 5, tvOS), but not new products.

September 2018 : launch of a new iPhone ? .

This year, the return is likely to be a synonym of the new iPhone.

iPhone X More iPhone 9, iPhone, 11 ...

There are many rumors about the new smartphone that Apple could announce in September.

It will likely be a new version of the iPhone X, but it is also possible that several models will be launched at the same time.

We see, therefore, may be appear a whole new range of phones (that we hope is more affordable than the iPhone X).

The rumors seem to suggest that no less than three phones will be presented : two high-end models with OLED screens and a model middle-range with an LCD display-TFT.

To learn more, please read our article iPhone 2018 : release date, price and other rumors.

iOS 12 and macOS 14 .

Announced during the WWDC 2018, the final versions of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave will be available at the start of the year.

Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch also has the right to an update in September. WatchOS 5 will bring new features to the watch, with Apple as the possibility to challenge friends or send voice messages to other users of Apple Watch.

October 2018 : launch of a new computer ? .

In the past, it is happened that Apple plans a small event right after the most important launches in September.

In October 2016, for example, Apple had introduced its new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but nothing was announced in 2017.

Spring 2019.

In 2018, Apple held a conference specifically devoted to the educational environment.
The firm was then presented with a series of new products : the output of an iPad with support for Apple Pencil, software update Pages, Keynote, Numbers, ..

This event will he be renewed in 2019 ? For the moment, nothing has been confirmed. Rumors indicate that there will be an announcement in the spring, but that it would relate to a new service of streaming video.

June 2019 : WWDC.

WWDC means Worldwide Developers Conference (world Conference of developers).

It is an event focused on Apple software. The californian brand presents the new key features of its operating systems.

In 2018, the WWDC was held from 4 to 8 June, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.