What to do in case of theft or loss of your smartphone ?.


Prior to the loss or theft of your smartphone.

1 – PIN Code.

We recommend that you protect your phone with a PIN code (Personal Identification Number). This enables you to secure access to your data. As for the bank cards, if you enter the wrong code 3 times, your phone locks automatically.

2 – Lock your screen.

Otherwise, you can lock your screen to protect it from any outdoor use.

It is possible to do so via :

A password.
A diagram (drawn touch).
A fingerprint on Android and by using the function Touch ID and code for iOS devices.


3 – IMEI Code.

Each smartphone has its own IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, in French : “international mobile equipment identity”) to 15 digits. This coding allows mobile operators to identify the devices that attempt to connect to their network.

It is very important that you have noted or saved in a safe place, because you will be asked when you reported its loss or theft to your operator and the Police.

How and where to get the IMEI code ?

It is on the box of the phone, and on your invoice for the purchase of your mobile.

Type *#06# or 07, and then press the call key.

By contacting your carrier and on your customer space.

On the iPhone go to : Settings General Information.

On Android, go to : Settings about phone Status Information on the IMEI code..

4 – never save sensitive and confidential data.

This can be a very good alternative in itself, but the risk that your sensitive data — such as your bank details, addresses or even photos very personal — to be used or shared on social networks is too large.

Therefore, it is preferable to make a backup on a Cloud or on iTunes/iCloud.

5 – geolocation.

Here’s how to locate your Android smartphone and iOS.

On your Android :

See you in Settings, and then select the feature Location.

Then, go to Google Security, and then click Locate the device remotely and Lock and wipe it remotely.

To finish off, select Activate the device administrator.


On your iPhone :

Go to Settings [account] iCloud.

And then select the options, find my iPhone and Send last location..

6 – applications and anti-virus for fly to your rescue.

Applications, free or paid, have been developed for this type of mishaps.

They will allow you, from your computer or other device, to switch from silent mode to vibrate or ringtone, lock your phone, send a message to notify the cardholder that you are looking for your phone, delete your personal data and for some to take a photo of the thief or the whereabouts of your smartphone.

Note that if you delete your data remotely it is not a simple deletion, there is a configuration to the factory settings. In other words, your phone will not contain any data. Also, this means that its location will not be possible.

Here are two free apps for iOS and Android : find my iPhone and LostAndroid. If you want to have more features, you can download one of these four paid apps : Wheres My Droid, Cerberus anti-theft, FoneHome , and GadgetTrack.

Some antivirus programs allow you to track and find your smartphone, such as Avira Antivirus (Android/iOS) and Norton anti-Virus and security (Android/iOs).

7 – Make sure your phone.

Also, think about subscribing to an insurance, because in case of theft of your smartphone could be replaced.

Especially check what is covered by it.
If you are a client of Orange and SFR, it is possible to subscribe online.
For Bouygues, it is done in the shop, on the day of purchase or within 5 days of purchase.

For Free, you can buy insurance only if you rent a top end phone.

Lost or stolen phone.

You’ve misplaced your smartphone or it has been stolen ? Here’s what we recommend you do.

1 – Cut your line.

It is important to come quickly in contact with your operator to report the loss of your smartphone, and ask him to susdangle your line.

You can also do this suspension from your client area (Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues), which is very convenient if at the time of the flight you’re abroad.

2 – file a complaint.

Declare your flight in the police station of the nearest (within 48 hours) with your IMEI code.

Thus, your phone will be blocked and therefore unusable, even if a SIM card from another operator is inserted.

3 – Control your smartphone remotely.

If you enabled the geolocation in your iOS or Android device please follow their tutorial respective to the spot, since a computer or other device.

Locate your Android device :

Type in your search engine : www.android.com/devicemanager.
Enter your password to access your Google account.
The position of your phone is given to you.
You can, at present, the Ring or Lock remotely..

Locate your iPhone :

You need to connect to the address icloud.com/#find from your PC or Mac, alternatively, you can use theapplication find my iPhone from another iPhone.

Once located, open the app find my iPhone and select your device to display its position.

You can also make the ring, activate the Lost. This mode allows you to lock your iPhone remotely, display a message indicating to the person in possession of your iOS as you know lost and wish to recover it. Finally, this mode allows you to follow the movements of this person..

To avoid that the thief has access to your Apple account from your iPhone, remember to change your password and delete your iPhone/iPad devices linked to your account.

You have found your iPhone ? If you had made a backup of your content, be aware that you can restore it. To learn more, read our tutorial.