What to do if your MacBook does not load ?.


You connect your MacBook to charge its battery, however, its level remains unchanged ? If you encounter this problem then follow our 10 tips to repair.

Check the ac adapter, the power cable.

Here are the key elements to check before determining if it is necessary to replace your battery.

1 – Is that your MacBook is properly connected to the electrical outlet ? Does your MagSafe connector is well inserted in the port which is dedicated to him ?

2 – Each adapter for Apple notebook computer is composed of two parts, the power supply is a square, and a detachable head that connects to a wall outlet, or multiple.

Is it that the adaptor is correctly connected ? Remove the two parts and put it back together.

3 – Have you tried using a different wall outlet ?

4 – Is that your power cable is good condition or is the envelope of the insulation is damaged ?

Is what the cord looks burnt ? If this is the case, then try another adapter.

5 – also Check that there is no dust in the output Port of your Mac. This may prevent the MagSafe adapter to establish a connection and therefore charge appropriately for your computer .

6 – MacOs has a feature that lets you know the status of your battery.

Since your Mac, click thebattery iconin the top right corner in the menu bar while holding the Option (alt) key pressed.

It will be shown Normal, replace soon, replace now , or Check the battery, it may be that you need to replace it.

Check the settings.

If your MacBook constantly loses its charge, it is necessary to check that your computer settings (brightness, sleep..) do not drain your battery.

Go to system Preferences and select energy Saver. Make sure that the sliders of the two options your Computer to sleep after and idle Screen after are not dragged completely to the right, set to Never.

If this is the case, it must then be reset by clicking on Reset to default settings, in the bottom right.

The Apple solutions.

Apple has three recommendations for the batteries do not recharge more.

To reset the battery. This advice is addressed to the holders of Mac including the removable battery. It is necessary to remove to reinsert it, this way you will be assured that it is installed correctly.

Reset the SMC controller (system management), it supports the basic features of your Mac as the response to the use of the power button or the keyboard backlight, etc
Resetting can help solve the battery problems and power.

If the SMC reset doesn’t work, Apple recommends that you bring your Mac to an Apple Store or contact AppleCare.
If your Mac is not covered by Apple’s warranty, you may want to consider replacing the battery.


How to reset the SMC ?.

If you want to reset the SMC, here are the steps to follow on a new MacBook (with a battery nonremovable).

To accomplish that, turn off your Mac, press simultaneously on the keys Shift + Ctrl + alt (left) and On/Off.

Hold these buttons down for 4 seconds, then release them at the same time. Finally, turn on your Mac.

If you want to learn more about the SMC reset, go to the page ofApple support.

Also, follow our 9 tips to optimize the life of your battery.