What to do if you have forgotten the password of your Mac ?.


Mac os is a secure operating system that requires the use of a password to perform many operations such asthe installation of software or the modification of the Preferences system.

You have lost the password of your Mac ? Don’t panic, this tutorial will help you to find it.

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Use the password hint .

Before anything else, try to refresh your memory with the password hint (that is to say, the question or the phrase that you have savede at the same time as your code).

The password hint is displayed automatically when you enter the code incorrectly three times in a rowe :

1 – Open System Preferences

2 – Select the Users and groups

3 – Click on thePadlock iconin the bottom left.

4 – Press three times on Entry to view the password hint.

If nothing happens it means that you have not created index of password. Fortunately, there are other ways to recover your password.

To change a password for another user account.

If you share the use of your Mac with someone else, then you can go through his / her user account to reset your password.

1 – you Go on the other user account on your computer.
2 – Open System PreferencesUsers and groups.

3 – Click on thePadlock iconin the bottom left of the window.

4 – Enter the password of the session on which you find yourself.

5 – In the left column, select the account for which you forgot the password.

6 – Click on Reset password.

7 – Fill the fields “New password”, “Verify” and “Index of password”.

8 – Click on Change password.

You now have a new password for your user account. Note that this does not change the password to your keychain connection so you will need to create a new one.

To change a password with the recovery mode .

If you only have one session on your Mac or that yours is the only one to have administrative rights to the computer, then you will have to go through the Recovery mode.

1 – Turn off your computer.

2 – To start in Recovery mode, hold on pressing the keys Command and R and then push the button Start (be patient, this may be a bit slow).

3 – When you see the load bar appear, you can release the keys.

4 – Select disk Utility and press Continue.

5 – Click on Utilities and then Terminal.

6 – Type in resetpassword (all lowercase, without space and press Enter.

7 – Click on the disk containing your account (normally it is the primary disk).

8 – Choose the account to edit with, Select the User Account.

9 – Enter twice your new password.

10 – Type a new password hint and click Save.

11 – A warning will be displayed indicating that the password has been changed but not the password for the keychain. Click OK.

12 – Turn off your computer. When you restart you will be able to use your new password.

Avoid that an attacker cannot reset your password.

Now that you know how to reset a password with the recovery mode, you worry surely to your personal data.

To protect your sensitive files in case of loss or theft of your computer, we recommend that you use FileVault Encryption. When you use FileVault Encryption you receive a recovery Key and a password.

Print these documents and store them carefully because if you lose it you can never access your data.

To enable FileVault, go to your System PreferencesSecurity and Privacy FileVault.

Use the target disk mode.

If you are unable to use the above methods, you can use the Target Disk Mode to recover the data on your computer, and for this you will need to borrow a Mac to someone else.

1 – Turn off your computer and then connect using a Thunderbolt (or Firewire) to the second Mac.

2 – Restart your computer holding down the T key.

3 – Your Mac is now in target disk mode, which means that it acts like an external hard drive. Normally you should see it appear in the Finder on the second Mac.

You can import the files that you want on the second Mac, or even clone your entire hard disk and save it on an external hard drive.