What to do if the Face ID is no longer working ?.


The introduction of the Face ID to the iPhone X has marked a turning-point relative to the Touch technology Apple ID. Since this is a new era of facial-recognition which continues on the iPhone, XR, XS, XS Max, and more recently on theiPad Pro (2018) , and that many appreciate.

However, even the most advanced technologies as system of modeling 3D may experience malfunctions.

If your iOS refuses to unlock with Face ID, and displays the error message “the Face ID is not available”, then follow some of our tips.

Update iOS.

Each time an application or a feature crashes, please check if the iOS software updates are available.

For this, go to SettingsGeneralsoftware update.

If your iOS is up to date and that the FaceID remains failed, then try some of our other tricks.

Check camera TrueDepth.

One of the reasons for which Face ID is not able to identify a user is that the target and the sensors can be hidden.

Then check that your shell or case is clean and that no dirt is blocking the camera.

By the way, if you use the Face-ID of your iPad Pro (2018) in landscape mode, then it may be that your fingers obscure the sensors photos. If this is the case, you will be notified on the screen by an arrow pointing to the camera.

Be aware that on the iPhone, you can not unlock in portrait mode, then make sure you hold it perfectly vertical.

Anyway, a quick cleaning or a simple change of grip could solve your problem.

Settings the Face ID.

If this is the first time that you use Face ID, or if you have recently updated your iPhone, so make sure that you properly configured your settings.

Appointment in Settings Face ID and Code, check to see if the Unlock the iPhone , and all options of the section to Use Face ID for : are enabled.

Make sure that your face is clear.

Although the Face ID is rather powerful, it may be that you encounter some trouble.

Apple even states that some of the sunglasses, blocking infrared rays can prevent the sensor TrueDepth of work.

So, if the Face ID is not able to identify your face on your iPhone, try removing your glasses and other accessories.

Set up a second profile in the Face of ID.

If none of this works, then you can always create an additional profile for the use of Face ID.

Go to Settings Face ID and CodeSet up a second appearance.

Move slowly your head, with circular movements, while the Face ID scans the contours of your face. Once this is done, press continue and repeat the operation.

Start again at zero.

If none of our methods has not brought a satisfactory solution, then you will need to reset your Face ID.

To do this, head to Settings Face ID and CodeReset Face ID.

All the identifiers stored previously will be deleted, you will need to reconfigure them.

If despite all these tips the problem persists then contact theApple support, it may be that the Face ID of your iOS does not function properly for another reason.