What is YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium ?.


Google has just launched two new services in France : YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium.

The first, as its name indicates, is an offer of streaming music. The second, to him, includes music and videos, and offers additional features such as the ability to watch videos offline.

What is YouTube Music ?.

YouTube Music is a streaming service that resembles Spotify, Apple, Music, or Tidal.

The peculiarity of YouTube Music is that it brings together in a single application the music and music video clips. The slogan “It’s all here ” (Everything is there) are alluded to.

Its application is free and contains advertisements, unless you agree to supply YouTube Music Premium.

What is YouTube Music Premium ?.

As Deezer or Spotify, Google has chosen to create a paid version of its music service.

YouTube Music Premium allows you to remove the advertisements and access to advanced features like offline listening or in the background (the music continues to play even if you close the app or lock your phone).

Note that subscribers to Google Play Music will be able to access to YouTube Music free Premium.

How much is YouTube Music Premium ?.

In France, YouTube Music Premium costs € 9.99 per month, or us $ 14.99 for the Family pack.

What is YouTube Premium ?.

YouTube Premium includes all the services of YouTube Music Premium, but also allows you to download videos and access to the creations of YouTube Originals (rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video).

How much is YouTube Premium ?.

In France, YouTube Premium costs 11,99 € 17,99 € for the pack Family.