What is the service Premium Video Channels of Amazon ?.


Amazon Prime continues to grow with regular new features. One of the most ambitious is Amazon Channels, launched on October 15, 2019 in France, it allows you to customize your subscription to Amazon Video adding TV channels and streaming services.

Amazon Channels is an exclusive Bonus, if you want to enjoy it you need to already be a member of Amazon Prime.

Read the rest of this article for more information on this subscription service, a la carte Amazon.

Amazon Channels, what is it ?.

Amazon Channels is a compilation of different channels and streaming services to which you can subscribe via Prime Video. For each string, you have to pay subscription fees separate, so that you will have access to a specific content, which is not included in Premium Video.

Its advantage is that it is without commitment, you can cancel your package at any time.

Thanks to this service, you gain access to the TV channels and even to the services SVOD competitors, which includes movies, series, youth programs, documentaries, and all of this on-demand or live.

For example, if you are a lover of the 7th art, films or actions, then you will enjoy the large catalog of MGM, MUBI or Action Max.

To view the programs, you just need to connect via the Premium app Video, your smart TV, games console, smartphone, tablet, iOS, Android, or product Amazon (Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, etc.).

A single subscription is enough, no need to go through several packages and applications.

What will be the price of the chains ?.

The price varies according to the selected chain, it is between 1,99 €/month and € 9.99 for. However, keep in mind that you will always need to be a member of Amazon Prime to take advantage of it (49 €/year or 5,99 €/month) and a 30-day trial is available to you.

Is there a free trial version of Premium Video Channels ?.

The answer is yes. Each channel includes a free trial period of 30 days without commitment. Remember that Amazon Prime is also free for 1 month.

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What are the channels offered by Amazon Channels ?.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of strings that will be accessible in France via Amazon Channels.

Youth programs :

TFOU MAX : 3,99 €/month.
GulliMAX : 2,99 €/month.
My Science and Vie Junior : 2,99 €/month.
Canal J + Tiji : 1,99 €/month.
Hopster : 4,99 €/month.

Movies and series :

STARZPLAY : 4,99 €/month.
MGM : 3,99 €/month.
Action Max : 3,99 €/month.
MUBI : $ 9.99/month.

Discovery, documentary :

GEO Television : 3,99 €/month .
Crime District : 1,99 €/month.
The whole Story : 1,99 €/month.

Music :

Mezzo + Mezzo live HD : 3,50 €/month.

Sport :

Automoto : 2,99 €/month.