What is the Dark Web ?.


The Internet is a place much, much bigger than you probably think. You know Facebook, Google, Amazon.. but do you really know what lies beyond of these websites respectable ?

The Dark Web and the Deep Web part of the internet but extend into dark corners. You can access it by using Tor, but do you really want to go for a ride ? For more information on the Dark Web and the Deep Web, read the rest of this article.

What is the Dark Web or “Darknet” ? .

The Dark Web (“the web dark”, also known as “Darknet”) is a set of internet sites that are on an encrypted network and that are not referenced by traditional search engines.

The majority of the sites on the Dark Web use the encrypted system Tor. Tool to browse anonymously on the web, use Tor to hide its location through a process of encryption in multiple layers (hence the name “router onion”).

If an internet site goes through Tor, that means it is not searchable by users, who also use this encryption system. Thus, the sites on the Dark Web are accessible by anyone, but it is very difficult to know who they belong to.

There are other systems of encryption that Tor : I2P, Freenet .. the principle remains The same : to view an encrypted website you have to use the same encryption tool, and to know the URL direct.

To browse the traditional web anonymously, you can also subscribe to a VPN service.

Freedom and crime.

The anonymity, almost total, of the Dark Web is an ideal place to perform any illegal activities : selling drugs, weapons, child abuse images .. The arrests of criminals using the internet parallel are still rare, but exist.

In February 2015, for example, Ross Ulbricht, an American then aged 31 was sentenced to life imprisonment for having created a platform for drug trafficking on the Dark Web. His website, the Silk Road, would have quickly been replaced by that of a competitor, The Scurvy Crew.

It is also important to note that all users of the search engine Tor (and other encryption schemes) do not go on illegal sites or even on the Dark Web in general. Some are only to protect their private lives.

In the case of totalitarian countries, the Dark Web is the only medium of online communication safe from prying eyes. It is a synonym of freedom of information. Similarly, in western countries, some journalists use this encrypted network to exchange information with whistleblowers and to ensure their anonymity.

What is the Deep Web ? .

Deep Web and Dark Web are two terms often used interchangeably, mistakenly.

The Deep Web is all of the web pages that are not referenced by search engines. It includes the Dark Web, and a whole ocean of other internet pages.

The Deep Web is not as sour as it seems because the vast majority of the pages are very prosaic : databases, e-mails, private chats ..

For example, for each page that is visible on the Tech Advisor there is a page not indexed on the Deep Web and only accessible via my CMS. Another example, your bank on-line : all of the pages you see once past the authentication part of the Deep Web.

A study published in 2016 in Scientometrics is estimated that there are 4.65 billion pages on the internet accessible, but the number of pages not indexed that make up the Deep Web, is still unknown.

How to access the Dark Web ? .

Technically access to the Dark Web is not so complicated. Just install and use Tor.

You can go on www.torproject.org and download the internet browser of the same name.

Once the download is complete, launch the application and the settings will be made automatically. The browser opens when the process is completed.

Some users recommend to hide your computer’s webcam when you navigate the Dark Web. If it is hijacked, hackers will not have large-thing to look at.

The more difficult with the Dark Web is likely to orient themselves, and this Tech Advisor can’t help you.

We do not recommend in no case to our readers to get on the Dark Web, and this article is intended for informational use only. If you decide to explore this online space, be aware that you may face to content that is very offensive and illegal.