What is the best podcasting application for Android ?.


The podcast is an audio format that appeals more to the French public. The radio channels have understood this, and, now, the majority of them make available their broadcasts to listen offline.

In parallel, we observe the development of new programs, products independently, such as those of New Plays (“powder”, “Bench”) or Patrick Beja (“The RDV Tech”, “The APPOINTMENT Game”).

Whatever your preference, whether you’re rather on traditional radio or independent podcast, you will need an application to access these programs from your smartphone. Thus, we have selected for you 4 applications to listen to your podcasts !

1. Podcast Addict .


Podcast Addict is a free application created by the developer French Xavier Guillemane. It includes a small banner ad (not to be annoying according to us), that you can remove in exchange for a participation fee of 3 euros.

The application opens on the thumbnails of the podcasts to which you have subscribed. By pressing these, you gain access to the list of their episodes. To add a podcast, simply press the plus (+) sign and enter the name in the search bar. To refresh the list of available episodes, it is necessary to support the sign of two arrows, at the top of the screen.

There are two main menus on this home page. The first, in the top right, open the settings app and the second, top left, gives you access to playlists, downloads, episodes..

Impressions .

The application is simpler to use than it seems. There are many options to customize it, which is very nice. The daily, however, only three features are important : the search tool, the updating of the episodes and the download button (the downward-pointing arrow that is located to the right of each episode).

Verdict : 8/10 – Podcast Addict on Android

2. Podcast Republic .


Like the previous app, Podcast Republic has a small advertising banner that you can eliminate for a few euros.

When you launch the app for the first time, you land on its main menu. In it you will find all the functions you need : add a podcast, subscriptions, playlists, settings.. to return To this menu later, you will need to press the icon with the three bars on the home page of the app.

In the course of your browsing Podcast Republic, of the pop-up will open for you to present the various functions. Unfortunately, these explanations have not yet been translated into French, as opposed to the application. Don’t worry, these messages disappear as soon as the second use of the app.

Before you can start the download of programs, you must select a folder in which you are going to save. For this, go to the Downloaded tab at the bottom of the screen), click Yes next to the message “You have not set up the podcast download directory yet. Set up now?” and then on “download Location”.

Impressions .

Podcast Republic has a nice interface and easy to use. The application has features that are not found often such as the sleep mode (to program the shutdown of a program) or car mode (in order to simplify and limit the use of the app).

Verdict : 8/10 – Podcast Republic on Android

3. PodCast Listening .


PodCast Listening has an interface that is quite refined in comparison to the first two applications of this selection. Here, there is no menu to extension cords since the latter account for only 6 options are : podcast, list, subscriptions, downloads, preferences, and like us (note the app).

When you open Podcast listening after the installation, you must choose three areas of interest, and a country. These information are subsequently used to recommend podcasts. You can also find programs by browsing the page Podcast and in its tabs ( Featured, Trending , and Categories (the names have been retained in English).

The process to subscribe to a podcast that is not found in the recommendations here is a bit counter-instinctive. In fact, we expected to be able to search for a show directly from the page Podcast by pressing the magnifying glass icon, but nope. It is necessary, in fact, go to the tab Subscription menu, tap on the sign plus (+), and then click search FYYD.

Note that this application also has an ad banner (only in the tab list) and a page of pub opens each time that you exit the application.


The design of Listening is quite minimalist and pleasant but its use is not necessarily simpler than the other applications. In addition, it would seem that there is currently a bug in the app because an error message is displayed when you try to download a program of Radio France.

Verdict : 6/10 – Listening on Android

4. Podcast Gb .


The banner ad on the Podcast Gb is approximately two times larger than those of other applications. To remove it, it is necessary to pay 3 €.

On the home page of the application displays thumbnails of podcasts even before you have subscribed to a program, which is quite strange. To add a podcast, you must press the magnifying glass icon (top right of the screen).

If you want to discover new shows, you can go into the menu and see what is popular in each category : Arts, Business, Education ..


Podcast Go is an easy to use application but who has too much disadvantages compared to its competitors. In fact, it includes more ads than the other, they are more intrusive (animated GIF with sound), and the app sometimes stops working for no reason.

Verdict : 5/10 – Podcast Go on Android