What is the best mobile plan ?.


The market packages phones is always more competitive, with four mobile operators shared nearly 90 % of the cake : Orange, SFR, Free and Bouygues.

How to choose a mobile plan .

A mobile plan with or without commitment ?.

Before you choose a plan that commits you for a year or two, be sure to read the details of the contract that accompanies it. In fact, it is often impossible to terminate a subscription without having to pay the full amount of the monthly payments provided for.

This is also the main reason why the majority of the French prefer to subscribe to packages without commitment.

With or without new mobile ?.

Choose a subscription with or without a new phone, can drastically influence your monthly bill.

Outside of a big promotion on the part of an operator, it is more advantageous to buy with his smartphone outside the subscription. This way, you avoid the additional costs, and you gain in freedom since your laptop is not blocked on a network.

Limited or unlimited ? Blocked or not blocked ?.

Before you change your rate plan, evaluate honestly the time you spend on the phone and the number of SMS that you send on a one-month period.

If you are a consumer, a gourmand, then a charge for calls and SMS/MMS unlimited will bring you some peace of mind.

However, if you know that you do not talk more than an hour per month to the phone, so you can then refer you to a package at a small price.

Note that, if it is not blocked, and that if you exceed your package, then the invoice can quickly be salty.

The mobile packages are not expensive.

The new sinews of war, it is the mobile internet. The packages of the data have become the norm. Necessarily, what is the point of having the latest iPhone if you can’t use the applications ?

In this area, Free acts as an agent for disruptive and offers a package very attractive : everything unlimited (calls, mms, sms), and 100 Gb of data for 19,99 €/month (without commitment). If you are a subscriber to the Freebox, then this package passes 15,99 € and includes the 4G/4G+ in unlimited.

The virtual operators, such as The Post office or Mobile Cdiscount, follow suit and offer packages at a small price with less data (about 100 Mb to 60 Gb). The major mobile operators, Orange, Bouygues and SFR, are also in the race.

Choose your mobile plan.

Please be aware that operators sometimes offer of alluring reductions, here are 5 ideas you might like :

On Sosh, find a plan with no commitment at $ 9.99/month with 50 Gb of data for 12 months, and then 24,99 €.

the package without commitment, BandYou, Bouygues, for all new customers, with calls, SMS/MMS unlimited, 40 Gb of data, including 4 Gb in Europe is 9.99 €, until 20/05.

The no-contract plans RED by SFR, one is at 10 €/month with 40 Gb of data, the other is 15 €/month with 60 Gb of mobile data, both until 20/05.

The package without commitment Cdiscount mobile offers you 100 Gb of data to 9.99 € for a year and then increased to 20 €.

To help you find the perfect package, use the comparison tool below.

Adjust the Internet filters and mobile Minutes Per month by moving their cursor respective and/or fill in the fields (Operators, network, Commitment). Thus, you will be able to compare the different offers made and find the one you need.