What is the best MacBook ?.


For Apple enthusiasts, the choice of a new laptop seems to be simple since there are only two models (one of which comes in 2 sizes), MacBook, and yet ..

At the present time, the american company sells three Mac laptops : MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Pro 16 inch. It has also equipped all of its Air in a display of True Tone and has reduced the price of the entry-level models. Another surprise from Apple, its MacBook 12-inch has been withdrawn from sale, just as the MacBook Pro without having to Touch the Bar.

We have organized our classification of the uses of the general public and the report quality/price of each computer.

If you are a student, please do not hesitate to take a look at our article that includes the best Mac for studies. You can also take advantage of many discounts through the Apple Education Store.

MacBook Air .


The MacBook Air sold from 1 249 € on Apple, is available in three colors : Gold, Silver and space Grey. It is a thin and light macOS ; in July 2019, Apple has added the technology to display True Tone and has withdrawn from sale some of its older versions.

Here, it is not possible to switch to a more powerful processor than the 1.6 GHz, on the other hand you can opt for the model with 16 Gb of RAM, and even take advantage of 1 Tb of storage space, for 740 €.

The processor is a 1.6 GHz Core i5-8th generation should be sufficient for everyday computer tasks and it is also the least expensive it should be, therefore, more users in the budget “tight”.

However, if you often need to use powerful applications and energy-intensive, then the MacBook Pro is the more suitable.

The connectivity of the Air is limited, for the benefit of its thin silhouette Apple has sacrificed some ports. You get two Thunderbolt ports 3 (USB Type-C) compatible with DisplayPort, Thunderbolt and USB Type-C, in addition to being a way to charge your laptop.

MacBook Pro .

Apple MacBook Pro 16 pouces

The MacBook Pro lineup is available in 2 various screen sizes (13 and 16 inches) but all models are now equipped with the bar touch, in lieu of function keys, a display of True Tone, and the chip T2.

For a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a quad-core 8th-generation 1.4 GHz, 128 Gb of storage, it will cost 1 499 € for 256 Gb 1 749 € and for a processor to 4.1 GHz, you will have to pay 1 999 €.

The model 16 inch with 512 Gb is 2 € 699 and one with a SSD of 1 Tb costs 3 199 €.

If the configurations of the base is not enough for you to know that you can change and choose, for example, for a processor of 1.4 GHz, a 16 gb memory and a SSD 2 Tb for 1 250 € more. On the 16 inch, it is even possible to push the storage space up to 8tb with 2 880 €.

Another difference between the 16 and the 13, the first has 4 Thunderbolt ports and the second two of these ports.

The MacBook Pro is perfect to make the photo editing and if, everyday, you work on video montages complex then we suggest you the MacBook Pro 16 inch.

If you need large storage capacity and a computer that is fast, then the MacBook Pro 16 inch is made for you.

MacBook 12 inches .


The MacBook 12-inch is one of the best Apple computers, before the models “Pro” and “Air” but unfortunately the firm at the Apple has recently decided to stop its sale. However, you can find refurbished on sites of resale online such as Back Market, MacWay, or e-Recycle.

Why the MacBook 12-inch figure in our rankings ? Simply because it is particularly compact and powerful. To refine this model, Apple had replaced its traditional hard drive by a SSD drive, which led to the removal of the fan, thick and binding.

The computer has only one USB port-C, that some will find annoying, but everyone agree on the quality of the Retina display. The latter is large enough for everyday use, word processing, internet browsing, Netflix ..

The Intel Core m3 is enough for most people, but if you’re a gamer or you want to do video editing, pick the Intel Core i5 or the Core i7 or the MacBook Pro.

The best MacBook for gamers and creative .


If you’re a gamer or a creative (designer, web designer, photographer, videographer..) and are looking for a tool for work/leisure laptop environment macOS, then, without hesitation, we recommend the MacBook Pro to 16 inches (since the 17-inch does not exist anymore).

The choice you will be given between a Radeon Pro 560X and 580X, both 9th generation, which is ideal for the treatment of images and videos. Fans of online games will appreciate its 4 Gb of memory.

However, be aware that the chip Intel Iris More Graphics 655 of the 13-inch should be fast enough to play titles demanding.