What is the best Mac for a student ?.


For your back, you want to equip you with a Mac, but you don’t really know which one to choose ? Read without more waiting our buying guide to find the Mac that you consider to be the best.

How to choose a Mac ?.

The Mac may seem very expensive, especially if you compare them to laptops for 300 €.

Therefore, that is-that is why price so high Apple ? Apple makes it a point to make quality products that last in time (which can be a real asset for long-term studies).

However, to decide which Mac to choose is not a trivial matter. In effect, it is necessary to take into account the type of research that you follow (law, foreign languages, graphic design, engineering, architecture..) and of course your budget.

To help you in this task, we examine in detail the range Apple Mac and the offers that you may find useful.

The best Mac for your studies.

Let’s start with the Apple Store for Education, it is a program dedicated to the students and staff of the education, thanks to this you will be able to benefit from various discounts on Apple products, but also by means of the operation Back to School Apple.

Regarding the choice of a Mac, it is necessary to take into account that as a student, you will be brought to much you move (you go to lectures, go to the library, revise during the holidays..), it is quite logical to prefer a laptop to a desktop computer.

The screens of the MacBook range are, of course, smaller than that of the iMac. To take advantage of a greater, you can use a screen cheap or your TV and connect this external monitor to your MacBook.

The MacBook Pro could easily be removed from your shopping list (if not already done). It is very expensive and powerful. If the price doesn’t scare you and that you want to do video editing professionally, so why not..

The iMac Pro is also a powerful machine (and expensive), and it would be unreasonable for a student with lambda.

In the vast majority of cases, it is more interesting to opt for a cheaper model, especially if you are thinking of buying a screen, a keyboard and a mouse.

If you are looking for a reliable model that doesn’t malfunction every time you try to save your work, then turn to the MacBook range. It is incredibly powerful.

You will have understood, Apple’s practice of such prices, because its devices are of a Premium quality.

The MacBook Pro.

Let’s start with the MacBook Pro, these notebooks are the most expensive and the most effective of the Mac.

The range of the MacBook Pro start at 1 499 € for the version 13-inch, and reached the 3 199 € for the version high-end 16-inch with a processor Intel Core i9 8 cores of 9th generation and 1 Tb of storage space.

The MacBook Pro the least expensive is equipped with a processor Intel Core i5 quad-Core 8th-generation 1.4 GHz, a RAM of 8 Gb and an SSD of 128 Gb of storage space. It is also equipped with the graphics chip Intel Iris Plus 645 and two Thunderbolt ports 3 (USB Type-C).

To get a chip more powerful (655), you will need to opt for the model to 1 999 €, it is also equipped with a processor with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and 4 Thunderbolt ports 3. From now on, all the MacBook Pro have the technology, True Tone and the Touch Bar.

MacBook Air.

If you are looking for a MacBook performance, which does not deplete your bank account, and a good portability, then the MacBook Air is the perfect compromise.

The MacBook Air has a screen of 13 inch and it is equipped with a processor Intel Core i5 dual-core at 1.6 GHz. You will have the choice between a version with a storage space of 128 Gb or 256 Gb, and a RAM of 8 Gb. The base model costs 1 249 € and 256 Gb to 1 499 €.

The Air also has two Thunderbolt ports 3, a headphone jack, an output USB Type-C for charging and a Retina display, True Tone.

Of course his processor is slower than a MacBook Pro and its graphics card is not the most powerful, but it is unlikely that this will affect your daily use.

Note that the MacBook 12-inch, thinner and more expensive than the Air, is no longer sold, Apple has recently put an end to its production. If you want a portable Mac, you no longer have a choice between the Air and the Pro. However, you can always find offers of sales (Darty, Rue du Commerce, Cdiscount..)


The iMac may also be suitable for students, but it is a desktop computer, so you need to place and will not be able to carry it around with you. Nevertheless, it will be possible for you to study more effectively, thanks to its screen of 21.5 inch or 27 inch.

The cheapest model is at 1 299 €, it features an Intel Core i5 dual-core 7th generation, 2.3 GHz, 8 Gb of RAM, a 1tb hard drive, a graphics chip Intel Iris More Graphics 640, and a display 21.5-inch (sRGB 1920 x 1080 pxl).

The weak point of the iMac is its hard disk, it has a tendency to slow down the Mac, saving a document at the powering up of the computer.. For better performance and more speed, we suggest that you add the 1tb Fusion Drive (120 €) or the SSD of 256 Gb (240 €).

The iMac is slightly more expensive (1 499 €) has very different characteristics. It is equipped with an Intel Core i3 quad-core, 8th generation to 3.6 GHz, a RAM of 8 Gb and a 1tb hard drive.
It is the ideal tool for graphic designers and video editors, as it combines a high-capacity storage, a good processor and a great screen Retina 4K P3 (4069 x 2304 pxl).

Against 1 699 €, you will have a 21.5-inch iMac more swift and a processor Intel Core i5 hexacœur of the 8th generation, 3 GHz. You will have 8 Gb of RAM and a disk Fusion 1tb. The price is on the rise, but it is a nice machine.

If you have the adequate budget and you want an iMac even more powerful and great, then there is the version 27 ” screen with 5K Retina, from 2 099 €.

Mac mini.

The Mac mini is a great Mac at a low price. Its entry-level model is 899 €, which in fact, far and away, the Mac that is more affordable. It has an Intel Core i3 quad-core 3.6 GHz, perfect for day to day tasks. If you can offer it, then go ahead.

You will have to ask around a keyboard, a mouse and a screen. You can also connect it to your tv, although we do not advise you to write a thesis study or internship on a TV screen..

Discounts Back to School.

If you already have the status of a student or that you are performing your first academic year only, so take advantage of the rebates that the program offers, Back to School, it is accessible until October.

For all its benefits, please read our dedicated article.

What is the Mac perfect for a student ?.

According to us, the best Mac for a student is the MacBook Air. It is lightweight, fast, powerful, and all for a price starting at 1 249 €. We believe it provides a very good report quality‑price. For the most part, the MacBook Air might not be the first choice, since the Pro is a bit more efficient and robust.

If you are looking to save a few euros (a little over € 100 sometimes), so keep an eye on the refurbished products Apple. The Mac’s are completely refurbished and carry a warranty of one year. Otherwise, there are platforms such as eRecycle and BackMarket who resell Mac refurbished, but also of the iPhone.

See also our article Where to buy a Mac and our advice on the resale of an old Mac. For carrying your Mac and your books, you will surely need a good backpack, we have selected for you, the best in the market.

Finally discover how to get Office on the Mac to write your reports, create spreadsheets, graphs or presentations.