What is the best iPad ?.


When you are going to buy a tablet, ask yourself first what format would work best for you.

Apple currently sells 5 iPad : iPad Mini (7.9 inches), the iPad edition 2019 (10.2 inch), the iPad Pro (11-inch) and iPad Pro (a 12.9-inch) and iPad Air (10.5 inches).

The iPad Mini is much lighter than the other, and his body is much smaller, to slip easily into a handbag. If you use your iPad during your vacation or your business trips, then this is the model you need.

The iPad, the iPad Air and the Pro, 11-inch, are ergonomic, but they don’t match the portability of the Mini.
The a 12.9-inch Pro is significantly less portable than its cousins, but Apple had the good sense to keep his weight at 631 g. It is a good alternative to a laptop.

A large screen lends itself superbly well to the entertainment, whether watching movies or playing, the experience will be more pleasant and more rich in quality.

In addition to the format, the second question to ask relates to your use. The versions “Pro” have more power than the other iPad thanks to the smart A12X Bionic, which allows them to run intensive programs. The Pros are perfect for professionals or graphic designers, for example.

They are also more versatile since they can be used with the Apple Pencil (stylus) and Smart Keyboard (for the keyboard).

For a simple use, such as checking emails or surfing on the internet, an iPad, less powerful will be more appropriate and you will be better.

For what is the autonomy of the iPad, Apple says that the duration of life of the battery is the same for all : “up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, viewing or listening to music” or “up to 9 hours of surfing the web using a mobile data network”.

However, it would seem logical that the larger models have a bigger battery, hence better battery life.

Note that all this has a cost, up to more than € 1,000, and that if you do need a tablet for everyday tasks, then it is better to direct you to a more iPad standard.

We have organized our classification of the uses of the general public and the report quality/price of each iPad.

iPad mini (2019) .


Launched in march 2019, the iPad mini is available in two storage capacities, 64gb, and this will be enough for most people, and up to 256 Gb, but also in three colors : silver, gold and space grey.

Regardless of the version you choose, you will receive a smart A12 Bionic (the last generation, but is not as powerful as the A12X) with a coprocessor, M12, a Retina display, and sensors, photos front/back, respectively 7 Mp and 8 Mp.

Beyond the color, make sure if you want a model Wi-Fi only or cellular access to a network 3G or 4G.

Note that this incurs an additional cost, in fact, the price difference between these two models is, all the same, of 140 €.

What are the strengths of this new iPad mini ? Its portability and its power.

The version that is most affordable is a sufficient storage capacity (64 Gb for 459 €). Also, it is compatible with the Apple Pencil 1st generation.

What about its weak points ? Its small screen, it is not really ideal for those wanting to watch movies or play. It is rather suitable for reading and taking pictures.

Price :
Wi-Fi : 64 Gb up to 459 €, 256 Gb 599 €
Cell : 64 Gb 599 €, 256 Gb up to 769 €

Size : 203,2 x 134,8 x 6.1 mm.
Weight : 300,5 g (Wi-Fi), 308,2 g (Cellular).
Storage: 64 Gb/256 Gb.
Port Micro-SD : No.
SIM : Nano-sim e-sim.

iPad 10.2 inch (2019) .

Nouvel Apple iPad 10,2 pouces (2019)

The iPad 10.2-inch is the least expensive and the slowest of our classification, although it is the most recent (announced in September 2019).

Apple has certainly increased the size of its screen compared to the previous model but has retained the processor A10 Fusion of 2016. Therefore, we cannot really recommend this iPad because it is less powerful than the Min and the Air..

All the more that it is more expensive than its older version, about 30 € more.

Nevertheless, the iPad’s screen 10.2-inch is ideal for movies and games, while remaining thin, lightweight, and very portable. It lends itself very well to all to simple tasks (Web browsing, email, office..).

Also note that this Apple tablet is compatible with the Apple Pen (1st generation only).

Price :
Wi-Fi : 32 Gb 389 €, 128 Gb 489 €
Cell : 32 Gb 529 €, 128 Gb to 629 €

Size : 250,6 x 174,1 x 7.5 mm.
Weight : 483 g (Wi-Fi), 493 g (Cellular).
Storage: 32 Gb/128 Gb.
Port Micro-SD : No.
SIM : Nano-sim, eSIM.

iPad Air (2019) .

Apple iPad Air (2019)

The screen of the iPad Air 2019 has a size identical to that of the old iPad Pro 10.5 inches, its edges are very thin, and it is sold at a price reasonably affordable. Its other qualities are its compatibility with the Apple Pencil (first generation), the Smart Keyboard, and it has not lost the Home button.

However, we regret that it is more expensive than the iPad 9.7-inch. And, if you want the Apple Pencil 2, then you will have to turn to the iPad Pro.

Otherwise, we think it will be perfect for users apps very demanding.

If you don’t want to spend all of your savings in a tablet, then prefer this model Pro-2018.

Price :
Wi-Fi : 64 Gb up to 569 €, 256 Gb up to 739 €
Cellular : 64gb 709 €, 256 Gb to 879 €

Size : 250,6 x 174,1 x 6.1 mm.
Weight : 456 g (Wi-Fi), 464 g (Cell).
Storage: 64 Gb/256 Gb.
Port Micro-SD : No.
SIM : Nano-sim.

iPad Pro 11 inch (2018) .

iPad Pro 11 pouces (2018)

Apple has updated its Pro range in October 2018, by enlarging the screen and removing the Home button.

This last one has disappeared to be replaced by the Face ID, which uses landscape and portrait mode, unlike the iPhone.

Thanks to its smart AX12 Bionic, the iPad Pro (11-inch) is an impressive power and it is even faster than some laptops.

Its screen is perfect for artists who are on the move. If you like to watch series, programs to streaming, you can enjoy the audio system with four speakers.

Price :
Wi-Fi : 64 Gb 899 €, 256 Gb to 1 069 €, 512 Gb to 1 289 € and 1-To-1 509 €.
Cell : 64 Gb up to 1069 €, 256 Gb to 1 239 €, 512 Gb to 1 459 € 1 To 1-679 €.

Size : 247,6 x 178,5 x 5.9 mm.
Weight: 468 g.
Storage : 64 Gb/256 Gb/512 Gb/1 Tb.
RAM : 4 Gb.
Port Micro-SD : No .
SIM : Nano-sim/eSim .

iPad Pro with 12.9 inch (2018) .

iPad Pro 12,9 pouces (2018)

The iPad Pro with 12.9 inches, which has been updated in 2018, offers the largest screen ever seen on an Apple tablet in a chassis that’s smaller and very thin.

It is largely identical to the iPad Pro, 11-inch, the high-speed processor (the A12X Merger), the excellent camera 12 Mp with flash, important storage space, and a user experience that is reminiscent of a laptop computer.

The other hand, it is much less portable than the iPad, of average size (even if it remains beautifully end), and it is excessively expensive.

This iPad Pro with 12.9-inch is ideal for professional use and for the artists.

Price :
Wi-Fi : 64 Gb to 1 119 €, 256 Gb up to 1289 €, 512 Gb to 1 509 € and 1 To 1 729 €.
Cell phone : up to 64 Gb 1 289 €, 256 Gb to 1 459 €, 512 Gb to 1 679 € and 1 To 1 899 €.

Size : 280,6 x 214,9 x 5.9 mm.
Weight: 631 g.
Storage : 64 Gb/256 Gb/512 Gb/1 Tb.
RAM : 4 Gb.
Port Micro-SD : No .
SIM : Nano-sim/eSim .