What is the Amazon Echo ?.


You’ve waited for impatiently ? Here it is ! The speaker is connected to Amazon Echo, accompanied by Alexa, arrives (finally) in France and in French.

Amazon Echo is a speaker to voice command of the american giant of the ecommerce.

To learn more, read the rest of this article in which we present to you Alexa, Amazon Echo and its variations, the Amazon Echo, Dot, and the Amazon Echo Spot.


Alexa is the name to pronounce, to activate the speaker Amazon Echo. Alexa is the virtual assistant for Amazon. It will respond to commands (even the most original), will set up your alarms, launch your internet searches, will play your favorite music, and much more.

Through Alexa, Amazon Echo gets to know you, become familiar with your way of speaking (speech, vocabulary..) and your daily life.

The us company wishes to clarify that improvements are constantly made to Alexa, both in terms of voice recognition or answers, she wants to be the most natural possible.

Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo (99,99 €) is a pregnant home automation cylindrical developed by Amazon. It works via a Bluetooth connection and Wi‑Fi.

She joined the voice assistant Alexa, the image of Siri for the iPhone and iPad, Cortana for Windows 10 and wizard Google for Android devices.

Alexa gives you the weather, inform you on the traffic, and configure your alarms and calls your contacts. The enclosure can also manage your Google calendar, read audio books, Audible and even place orders via your account Amazon Prime.

The Amazon Echo is compatible with IFTTT (If This Then That, If This Then That). This is a free service, on which it must register, allows you to send jobs to specific applications. For example, you can ask to export photos Facebook on Dropbox or to receive alerts about weather by sms.

Alexa also incorporates applications to control other connected devices such as light bulbs Philips (179,98 €), the thermostat Netatmo (278,99 €), or the plug-in Wi-Fi TP-Link HS100 (134,98 €).

Amazon Echo Dot.

L’Echo Dot is a mini Amazon Echo. It costs 59,99 €.

Just like the Echo, you will be assisted by Alexa for all of your orders. Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, launch Spotify, Deezer or Premium Music without going through your computer or your smartphone.

You will be surprised to see that the Echo Dot knows exactly what pregnant (if you have several) you are talking to and will respond to you, since the one that is closest to you.

Echo’s Dot is also equipped with a speaker, it can thus be the echo of an alarm or even read a recipe.

If you want to increase the sound of the Echo Dot, be aware that it is possible to plug it in (via a Jack) amplifiers.

Amazon Echo Spot.

TheEcho Spot is an intelligent alarm clock. It costs 129,99 €, which is much higher than the Echo Dot.

What is it that explains such a price ? The Echo Spot has a screen of 2.5 inches, from which you will see the time, weather, and will be able to make and answer calls (audio/video).

The sound quality is decent, and if you want to better hear your conversation, it is possible to connect The Echo Spot to a speaker via Bluetooth or its AUX output.

Is Amazon Echo can you hear it when music is played ?.

The answer is yes. This is possible thanks to its 8 microphones, located inside and on the outside, but also to the integration of technology beamforming (which is used on the routers to improve Wi‑Fi signal) and its noise reduction.

Whatever the scope of your voice and the place where you are located, the walls Echo will hear your command.

Of course, it should not be that your music is extremely strong, in which case you will not be able to communicate with Echo..

What about the audio quality of Amazon Echo ?.

Amazon Echo is superb to listen to the radio, audio books, and all of the content spoken. For the music, the rendering is correct.

The Echo contains a speaker of 2.5 inches for incredibly deep bass, and another 2 inches for notes higher.

Port Slr, meanwhile, has the mission to boost the bass without distortion.

The Amazon Echo is perfect for broadcasting music from your Hi-Fi or your Bluetooth speakers.