What is Snapchat Discover ?.


You thought that Snapchat was only to take selfies with the ears of a dog or a nose of a clown ? Forget this belief, and discover Snapchat Discover !

Snapchat Discover.

With its 158 million users across the world, including 10 million in France, Snapchat has become a social network in its own right.

The application is mainly known for the sharing of photos and videos are ephemeral, but from September 2016, it offers a new service. Now, thanks to Snapchat Discover, users off the app can access to free articles to multiple French media.

That you’re rather info serious, or entertainment, there’s something for all tastes, since you can access titles such as The World, The Team, Tastemade, Konbini, Cosmopolitan, or Vice.

These media are embarked on the adventure of the support ephemeral in order to hit a target more young (13-24 years), and by the same occasion increase the attendance of their internet site.

In fact, Discover allows them to captivate these potential readers with content that is relevant to the codes of social networks (photos with text, and videos that you can share).

Operation seduction successful.

Building on this success, four other media have joined in June 2017 Snapchat Discover : The Express, Vogue, Society and MTV.

According to William Dubois, director of Editorial of the Express, the drafting has made the right choice by turning to this new medium : “Snapchat is a great opportunity for The Express, nearly 65 years after its creation, to address a part of the public that was informed today more on social networking than on the media on the more traditional information”.

Snapchat confirms this success, stating that in just one year, the hearing of Discover France has doubled, and the time spent on Snapchat, for its part, tripled !

Chis success was such that the giant Google would like to get to the page with the Google Stamp.


Let yourself be tempted by Snapchat and Discover, download the app for your Android and iPhone.

Then, follow our guide to use Snapshat, also, learn to back up discreetly photos.

Here’s how to see Melty or the Team with Snapchat Discover :

Open the application Snapchat.
At the bottom of your screen, tap on the icon Stories (three small circles).
Then, slide your finger from right to left.
Select the Story that interests you. Small tip : have your headphones plugged in because the videos play automatically.

To switch from one Story to another, you simply tap or swipe your finger to the left.

The option Read appears at the bottom of the screen.

Press it to open the corresponding article in the Story are accessible, or slide your finger towards the top of the screen.

To exit the Story and the article, simply slide your finger to the bottom.

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