Use eBay : create an account, sell and buy products.


What is eBay ?.

22 years ago was created the website eBay, a platform for buying and selling products online new and used. Everything, or almost, can buy and sell on eBay, this is going to a fashion second-hand items, from spare motorcycle parts..

eBay has over 160 million active users across 39 countries. Transactions can be between individuals, but also between professionals.

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How to create an eBay account ?.

You want to offer you a Nokia 8, the headphones Bose QuietComfort 35, or sell your PC laptop ? You can go through eBay.

For you to create an account on eBay, go to the page :

Click the top left, click register, then fill out the form.

Then, to access your account in My eBay, click on your user name located in the top left also. To finish, click on the option account Settings.

Your account.

Your account, My eBay, is composed of three tabs, of which the following is their function :

1/ The tab Account is the equivalent of your profile.

The first step is to fill in your Paypal account, or you create one if you don’t have one.

Paypal is an online payment service integrated with the platform eBay. Thanks to this you can transfer money and make purchases online, without having to communicate your bank details to other sites. For more information, read our guide to using Paypal.

In the menu on the left : Sections in My eBay, go to contact Details and Addresses, where you can edit your personal data.

2/ The tab Messages is a mail box built into the service. It allows you to contact, and be contacted by eBay and its members, in a secure manner.

If you are a professional (or otherwise) you can add an electronic Signature to your emails, eBay, and your own logo.

You can also enable away Message. If you go on a weekend, the buyers trying to contact you will receive your automatic email, informing them of your absence.

These two options are accessible by clicking in the top right corner, click Change settings.

3/ The tab Activity is relevant to all of your transactions (purchases, sales) of past, current and proposed.

You can also find items that have been returned, they are automatically saved for a period of 18 months.

How to buy on eBay ?.

eBay offers two formats of purchase on its platform : the Buy-it-now and Auction.

Prior to any purchase, follow the following advice :

Read carefully the description of the product.

The description can be written in a foreign language, so especially not to make contact with the seller to ask him all your questions, to ensure you have understood everything. The option is at the bottom of the description page.
See the profile of the seller, its reliability, the shop, the currency required, any additional fees, terms and conditions, shipping and return, etc


It is very important that you have all the necessary information.

Immediate purchase.

In the search bar, type the name or the key words referring to the desired object.

Choose a category, and then click Search.

Just below, select the option “immediate Purchase”, this will display only the sales offering this format purchase.

Finally, when you have found your article and you feel ready, it only remains for you to do is click on immediate Purchase.


To try to have one for “your” price, you can make a purchase by auction.

Unlike the immediate purchase, you must enter the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for obtaining the desired good.

Finally, when you are ready, click on the button to Bid. eBay will then automatic bidding up to your maximum amount is reached.

If your bid is exceeded, you will be kept informed by email. Note that you also have the possibility to change it.

To do this, go to My eBay, select the object in question, and then enter your new amount.

Note that for any auction, you agree to pay.

If you have made a mistake, eBay may allow you to withdraw, but under certain conditions.

Also, please do not hesitate to consult the help page of eBay devoted to the auction.

Buying by auction means that you enter in competition with other buyers, therefore there is the risk of not being able to do the acquisition of the desired object..

How to sell on eBay ?.

You want to get rid of a piece of furniture too bulky, or sell a bike you no longer use ?

Go to My eBay, top right of your user name. Then, click on Sell.
Give a title to your product, then select Start.

Then, click on Create an ad.


The platform provides a guide to help you create an ad to be attractive and sell your item in the best conditions.

Please note that if your sales have a professional character or are more than 5 000 € (excluding furniture, appliances or automobiles), then you are obliged to declare your income.

For more information, see the fact sheet of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

To buy or sell any in mobility, download the application eBay ! (iPhone/iPad and Android).


Regardless of the online transaction made (purchase or sale), it is very important that you stay vigilant. eBay offers a warranty to the purchaser : the Warranty eBay. It allows you to be reimbursed, but under certain terms and conditions.

If you encounter a problem, it is advisable to get in touch directly with the seller through the Manager of litigation (account Settings → Account → Sections of My eBay → Manager of litigation).

If no agreement is found you can contact the customer service of eBay. The latter will respond to you within 48 hours.

How to delete your account ?.

You want to close shop or stop your fever a buyer ? eBay offers you the possibility to close your account permanently.

However, if you have made a purchase or a sale within 30 days of your request to close your account will not be disabled.

The suspension of your account will require it, 60 days, to give you time to finalize all of your transactions. During this period, no purchase or sale will not be possible.

If you change your mind and want to become an active member, you will have to re-register, this time with a different nickname and e‑mail address.

For more details, please refer to the page : definitive Closure of your eBay account. (In the top left, click on Help, type in the search bar : Closing your account, and then click on the Magnifying glass).