TV and Streaming : the best Christmas movies.


What could be better than watching a Christmas movie as a family to put themselves in the festive atmosphere of the end of the year ?

All the classics that we have selected are available online, SVOD or TV. If you are looking for a specific movie, we recommend the site Just Watch that allows you to explore the offers of streaming legal in France. If you want, we also make a list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

For those who want to take advantage of Christmas to watch a few series, see our ranking of the best programs on Netflix, Amazon and Canal +.

1. Spirit of family .


For the family Stone, Christmas is an opportunity to come together finally, and this year, a guest comes to add to the festivities.
Everett, the prodigal son of the tribe, came with his girlfriend Meredith, a young careerist new yorker unsympathetic. Unfortunately for her, she falls into a nice-family fantastic and the complete opposite of his life.

However, very welded and filled of true love, the Stones succeeded, to make him let go..

Spirit of family, it is a cocktail of laughter, of tears, of doubts that you will love to see and review.

Find it on YouTube and Google Play.

2. The tree has the balls .


This year, Clark Griswold decides to organize Christmas itself. The christmas tree at the meal, passing by the decoration of more than 20,000 light bulbs, the father of the family tries everything to make this evening magical.

However, wanting to do good, nothing goes as planned..

This Christmas turns into a nightmare for Clark but will make you laugh ! As the adage says, the misfortune of one makes the happiness of the other.

The fir has balls is available on YouTube and Google Play.

3. The Polar Express .


The polar Express is an animated film in which we follow a young boy who doubts the existence of Father Christmas.

To find answers to his questions, he decides to climb aboard a train magic, whose final destination is the North pole..

In this magical world, he meets several children with whom he will share an expedition indescribable.

Find it on YouTube and Google Play.

4. The strange Christmas of mister Jack .


Every year, Jack organizes Halloween in his spooky little village. One day he discovers Christmas and fires, in spite of himself, a series of disasters. Funny, original and poetic, The strange Christmas of Mr Jack is a classic not to be missed !

Available on Netflix.

5. Mom I missed the plane .


Due to a holiday start chaotic, Kevin, 8 years old, finds himself for the first time home alone. Mischievous and brave, he shows amazing imagination on the day when two burglars try to break into his house. A classic of the 90’s to watch again and again.

Available on Canal Play VOD and Rakuten TV.

6. The Father Christmas is a junk .


The Christmas movies are not directed to children, the evidence with this cult film from French cinema ! If you like the humor, zany, the troupe of the Splendid and candy, hand-rolled under the armpits, then you will love The Father Christmas is a junk.

Available to purchase on Canal Play VOD.

7. Gremlins .


As long as they are not fed after midnight or exposed to the sun or water, Mogwaï are lovable small creatures. Otherwise, they turn into Gremlins.

Directed by Joe Dante in the mid 80’s, this film will delight young and old !

Available on Netflix and on My TF1.

8. Love Actually .


Love Actually, it is eight stories of love, often funny, sometimes sad, always attendrissantes. Romantic comedy against the backdrop of year-end holiday season, Love Actually is a film choral audition 3 stars : Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson ..

Available on Google play and My TF1

9. E. T. the extra-terrestrial .


What would you do if you found an alien in your garden ? Elliot, Michael and Gertie must answer this question when one night, they discover E. T scared at the bottom of their garden.

Directed by Spielberg, this masterpiece has inspired the creators of Stranger Things.

Find E. T on Amazon Prime Video and Canal Play VOD

10. Life is beautiful (1946) .


Life is beautiful tells the story of a businessman frustrated that think put an end to his days until he meets his guardian angel. Directed by Frank Capra, this film was nominated for an Oscar in 1947.

This beautiful story is available on Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV , Orange.

11. Bad Santa .


Willie T. Stokes is a perfect anti-hero. He drinks, he swears and, every year, he dresses up as santa to rob shopping malls. Caution, this film is not intended for small children.

Find Bad Santa on YouTube, Google Play and My TF1.

12. Father Christmas (2014) .


A burglar disguised as Father Christmas, took advantage of the end of the year holidays to steal jewelry in the chic districts of Paris. It all happens rather quietly, until he is surprised by Antoine, 6 years old, who has only one dream : to make a tour of sled magic.

Find Father Christmas on Google Play

13. The age of Ice .


The Ice age is an animated film that follows the adventures of Manny (a mammoth), Sid (a sloth) and Diego (a sabre toothed tigers) who are trying, somehow, to find the parents of a human baby.

To watch on Radkuten, My TF1.

14. The Holidays .


Disappointed by love and men, two women, who do not know each other and opposite people decide to exchange their homes for the holidays thanks to an online site. One arrives in a sumptuous villa in Los Angeles while the other in a small house deep in the English countryside.

Although wanting to escape the male sex, both of which will ultimately find themselves confronting, in spite of themselves..

It is a romantic comedy refreshing, served by a dream cast (Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet..) – and perfect for Christmas by the fire.

The Holidays is available on Netflix.

15. Miracle on the 34th .


On the eve of Christmas, a mysterious and amazing old man is hired by a big toy store to take the role of Father Christmas. Embodying its task to perfection, the shop knows, thanks to him, a huge success.. enough to stir up the jealousy of competitors..

A film full of emotions where the magic of Christmas is. You want to believe in Father Christmas !

Miracle on 34th is available on YouTube and Google Play.

16. The chronicles of Christmas .


On the evening of christmas eve, Teddy and Kate want film Father Christmas, in full action and sneak into his sleigh. But the party is going to be wasted because of an unfortunate accident and they will have no other choice than to help save Christmas.

An extraordinary adventure, that all the children want to live.

A very good film full of humour to watch with the family during this period of celebration

The chronicles of Christmas is available on Netflix.