TV and streaming : how to watch the Wash Cup 2019 ?.


The Wash Cup is a tennis competition annual the first edition of which dates from 2017. It is named in tribute to the australian player Rod Laver, one of the best tennis players in history.

During this tournament, will compete on the greatest players of the circuit ; they are six, divided in two groups, World and Europe in the image of the Ryder Cup for golf.

Björn Borg is the captain of the european team (Nadal, Federer, Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Fognini) and John McEnroe is the head of the rest of the world (Isner, Raonic, Kyrgios, Shapovalov, Sock and Fritz).

Two players are selected by the captain, the other four members are added according to their ranking.

Where and when is the Wash Cup 2019 ?.

This third edition of the Wash Cup will take place in Geneva, Switzerland.
From a geographical point of view in Europe, which can then motivate the team of Borg (especially Federer), and a diplomatic point of view, it will take place in neutral ground.

The competition will be held from 20 to 22 September. Three intense days of single matches of 2 sets, the 1st team winning by 13 points takes the title. If tie, then a match double in 1 set is organized.

You will have understood, the Wash Cup are meetings of prestige and expeditious that no lover of the yellow ball should not miss.

How to watch the Wash Cup 2019 to the TV and streaming ?.

To follow the Wash Cup live on television, then you have to go on BeIN Sports channels are accessible through your mobile operator TV and subscribe to the subscription without commitment at 15 €/month.

However, if you want to watch these matches of champions exclusively on your connected devices (computers, smartphones, smart TV, etc.) then the package that is available the better is beIN Sports Connect without commitment (€15/month).

The broadcast of the games starts at 13h on Friday and Saturday, and then at 12 o’clock Sunday.

You should also know that beIN Sports also broadcasts Wimbledon, dating, WTA, Davis Cup, etc, You’ll never need to be side competitions tennistiques.

How to watch the Wash Cup 2019 from abroad ?.

If you are subscribed to beIN Sports and you’re on the move abroad on the day of the rematch, then you can subscribe to a VPN (“virtual private Network”). Thanks to it, hide your location and browse websites as if you were in your home country (or anywhere in the world).

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