TV and streaming : how to watch the summer olympic Games 2020 ?.


The summer of 2020 will be loaded in sporting events and there will be something for all tastes, probably the most anticipated among them are the Olympic Games of 2020.

If you are one of those who wish to follow all of its competitions and not miss any performance of these Games, then continue reading.

Where and when have take place the olympic games 2020 ?.

It was in September 2013 that Tokyo was awarded the hosting of the Games of the XXXIIème olympiad, for the second time in its history, since it has already been the host in 1964.

The Games will be launched on 24 July 2020, and the closing ceremony is scheduled for August 9, 2020. The paralympic events will have, they, will be held from 25 August to 6 September 2020.

This olympiad japan has 2 features : the 5 disciplines to learn karate, surfing (without Kelly Slater, unfortunately), skateboarding, baseball-softball, sport climbing and the number of events which increases to move to 339.

Finally, keep in mind that Russia is banned from these games (but also of the winter Games 2022) for doping ; athletes shall compete under a flag neutral.

Look at the games in Tokyo 2020 on the TV, and streaming.

In France, to follow the olympics 2020 in the clear and free, from your television, go on the channels of the France Télévisions group. For streaming, you just need to connect to France TV sport.

The other group who will broadcast these games is on Eurosport, for access on your TV, you can subscribe for the package Canal+ and Sport pack, 44,90 €/month for a period of one year, two years is 39,90€/month.

If you prefer to watch this competition only on your mobile devices and TV, via Airplay or Chromecast, then there is the subscription without commitment (39,90 €/month) to Canal+ and Sport pack. If you are reluctant to subscribe to the encrypted string, you can opt for Eurosport Player, from 5,99 €/month.

Look at Tokyo 2020, from abroad.

If you have a subscription to Canal+ or Eurosport Player, that you are travelling abroad and you don’t want to miss the olympics 2020, be aware that you can subscribe to a VPN (virtual private Network).

Thanks to it, hide your location and browse sites as if you were in France.

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