TV and streaming : how to watch the Office of the Captions ?.


The Office Of Legends : plot.

The action happens within the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), in the department called : the Office Of the Legends.

This section of the DGSE monitors remotely the “clandestine” agents of French infiltrators in foreign countries, which must locate, and connect people that can be sources of information.

Paul Lefebvre (code name Lout) is one of these agents. It conducts its operations “under the caption,” that is to say, under a false identity since his real name is William Debailly.

Just back from a mission 6 years in Syria, it does not comply with a rule, yet essential one : the abandonment of his legend.

This transgression added to the removal of the agent ‘Cyclone’ in Algeria will jeopardize the department and its agents, his family, but even more disturbing is that the security of France.

Note that this Original Creation of CANAL+ is written and produced by Eric Rochant, director of Mafiosa (Canal+).

We find in the casting, Mathieu Kassovitz in the skin of Lout, Jean-Pierre Darroussin is Henri Duflot, the Director of the BDL, and Sara Giraudeau plays the agent underground “Phenomenon” sent by Iran.

Watch The Desktop Of Legends, streaming, and on TV .

The Office Of the Legends is an original creation of Canal+, it is, therefore, exclusively broadcast on this channel. To look at it, Channel+ offers several subscriptions.

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The BDL has 4 seasons in the meter, each of which is composed of 10 episodes.
The filming of the 5th season is finished, for the time of 2 episodes the achievement is in the hands of the great Jacques Audiard (rust and bone, the beat that my heart stopped, A Prophet..).

Season 5 scheduled for April 2020 will change from a director.

If you want to deepen your knowledge in the field of espionage French, you can watch the documentary the Warriors of the shadow, directed by Frédéric Schoendoerffer and Jean‑Christophe Notin.

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