TV and streaming : how to watch the american sports in France ?.


In France, the two groups distribute the sports iconic american, Canal+ and beIN. You can not only see them on TV, but also on your computer and on your smartphone/tablet.

Interested in a subscription ? .



You can subscribe to the package on The Sport channel in addition to the pack main.

So you experience programs of Canal+, Canal+ Décalé and sports channels, like the Golf+, Canal+ Sport, Eurosport and even beIN Sports.

39,90 €/month without commitment (PC/Mac, and mobile devices).

54,90 €/month for 1 year (tv, PC/MAC, tablet and smartphone).

39,90 €/month for 2 years (tv, PC/MAC, tablet and smartphone).


Note that this pack includes the application myCANAL to live or the replay on your Android devices or iOS.

BeIN Sports.

To have beIN Sports on your television, take advantage of the offer Via operator TV without commitmentat 15 €/month. Thanks to it, you can see the greatest sporting competitions on the channels : beIN Sports HD 1, 2, 3, and 7 channels MAX (if these are proposed by your operator).

To track your competitions, favorites from your computer, smartphone, tablet, SMART TV and Playstation 4 and Xbox One, subscribe to beIN SPORTS CONNECT.

This subscription is without commitment and she is 15 €/month (with a tacit renewal). The subscription with a one-year commitment is 14 €/month.

There is also the application beIN SPORT for iOS and Android, with which you can follow all the latest news sport.

The Golf .


The CANAL+ group exclusive broadcasting rights of the 40 tournaments on the PGA TOUR, this includes the american competitions.

You can also watch the Ryder Cup which opposes every two years, the best american players to europe.



The NHL (NHL National Hockey League) is a sporting association between Canada and the United States. It includes 31 franchises of ice hockey, which compete in two periods.

The first extends from October to April, and the second, known as qualifying, takes place from April to June.

The matches of this championship will be broadcast on Canal+ SPORT. To keep you informed of meetings, don’t forget to consult the calendar of the competition (pre-season, regular season).

Be aware that there is also the app (NHL free then with in-app purchases, iOS and Android).



There is no need to present this tournament of the american basketball world-known, il is possible for you to watch via a subscription to the NBA League Pass (from 27,99 €/month or 109,99 € year)

If you opt for this pass then you will have access to the american channel NBA TV. Thanks to it, you can see all the NBA games, or only those of your favorite team (plan Team choice at 16,99 €/month or 61,99 €/year).

Also, it is possible to follow the NBA on beIN Sports HD1, 2 and 3, up to fourteen games every week.

Please note that the WNBA, in other words, the NBA in the feminine, is also broadcast on beIN SPORTS.

And to be sure not to miss any, make it a habit to consult the calendar of the competition !

You will also find the app NBA for your device iOS and Android (free and with in app purchases).

The NFL .


This acronym refers to the american football : the National Football League, which is made up of 32 teams.

In the regular season, each team plays 16 games over 17 weeks. Then, come the playoffs, which are played between 12 teams only.

The season NFL 2019 is the 100th of the story, it ends with the Super Bowl scheduled for February 2, 2020. To follow this competition, you need to make the tv channels quataries.

The final was transmitted until 2018 on W9 to spend on TF1 in 2019. Remains to be seen if he will be so in the future.

There is also the application NFL for iOS and Android, it is free and includes in app purchases.



These three letters designating the Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball).

Major League Baseball brings together 29 franchises and one canadian (the Blue Jays).

The season calendar is divided into 4 time periods : spring training, the regular season, the all-star game and the playoffs.

Find all the news and baseball games on beIN Sports.

Sports US with a VPN .


For subscribers to Canal+ or beIN, note that with a VPN paid (“virtual private Network”) or free of charge, you can follow these sporting competitions in the u.s. while you are traveling abroad.

We recommend NordVPN, easy to install and very secure, has more than 5000 servers spread in 62 countries.

Also check out our full tutorial on How to use and install a VPN ?