TV and streaming : how to watch the 2018 winter olympic Games ?.


The 23e – edition of the olympic winter Games will be held from 9 to 25 February 2018 in Pyeongchang, in South Korea.

This small town of mount will host the ceremony of opening, closing and the majority of the events of the competition. The complete schedule of Games is already available and you can view it on the official website of Pyeongchang 2018.

The 2018 olympic games on TV and streaming.

In France, the winter olympics will be broadcast by the France Télévisions group.

The competition will be broadcast mostly live, which, due to the 8 hours time difference, means that the events will take place in the middle of the night in france. The most courageous will put their alarm to 1am in the morning to watch France 2.

For those who can not stay awake, don’t worry, it will be possible to follow all the disciplines of the olympic games in replay through the platform

Look at the 2018 olympic games in a friendly atmosphere.

Why not watch the winter olympic Games in a café ?

Thanks to the site Allomatch, find the places that broadcast the sporting events in your city. You just have to visit the website, enter your address and select the sports that you are interested in (Handball,Tennis, Basketball ..).

Allomatch is also available as an app Android and iOS.

Take a look at the 2018 olympic games from abroad.

If you are travelling abroad and you don’t want to miss this sporting event, you can subscribe to a VPN (“virtual private Network” in proper French).

Thanks to this, you can hide your location and browse websites as if you were in your home country (or anywhere in the world, you choose).

To learn more, check out our selection of the best VPN 2018, some are even free.