Tutorial : how to use Kodi v17 Krypton ?.


Kodi allows you to group and enjoy all your entertainment (series, movies, music ..) on a single platform. This software can be installed on any device (compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) and has many extensions which makes it even more versatile. Thanks to this tutorial learn how to use Kodi today.

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How to put Kodi in French ?.

1 – When you download Kodi, the software is in English. To switch to French, go to System and then click Settings.

2 – In the settings click on Appearance.

3 – Go to International. Language then appears, you only have to change it to English.

While you’re at it, change the position settings for the keyboard in “AZERTY” !

How to exit the full screen mode ?.

By default, Kodi is full screen mode when you download it on your computer.

1 – To exit the full screen mode, go to System and then Settings.

2 – Click on the System tab.

3 – Select video Output and change display mode to Window.

How to use Kodi ?.

Kodi is perfect for enjoying all of your videos, and allows you to bring together in a same place. There are two ways to watch videos through this platform : you can either use it to play video files already saved on your computer, or look for videos on the internet.

To watch videos stored on your hard disk :

1 – Open Kodi and click on Videos, then Files.

2 – Kodi has a file explorer which allows access to the files stored on your computer without having to exit the application. You just need to choose in your record series and films you want to watch.

3 – If your files are not displayed, you can add them manually. Click to Add a source in videos, then click Browse and select the folder where your videos.

4 – once you have selected your folder, the software will ask you to name and then click on OK.

5 – Your new folder will appear in the Files section. It only remains for you to click on the video you want to watch.

To watch videos from the internet :.

If you want to watch streaming videos, you will need to install an extension.

1 – instead of you make in Files will in Extensions.

2 – Click on more ... A list of extensions videos is then presented. Select the one that suits you. Caution: some extensions videos are illegal, such as Exodus.

How to use Kodi to listen to music ? .

Kodi gives you access to all your music, and as with the videos, there are two ways to do it. You can either listen to the music stored on your computer, or use an extension.

1 – open your music, click the Music tab on the home page. You have two options : files and extensions.

2 – Click on Add a source of music, browse through your files to find the one that contains your music, select it, and click OK. When the software asks you if you want this source to the media library, click yes.

3 – You will then be taken to the music menu where you can browse your songs by artist, album, year ..

If you want to get more music from your personal collection, there are many add-ons available for Kodi. Select Extensions and then get more. As with the videos, you can browse the extensions already pre-selected or add your own source manually.