The streaming is it legal in France ?.


What is streaming ? .

Streaming is a term that refers to a method of broadcasting audio and video over the internet. Thanks to this, it is possible to listen to or view programs online, without having to download them.

Streaming is now the norm, and most major web platforms use it : YouTube, Deezer, Netflix ..

There is a slight variant of this process, named the live streaming, which allows you to stream content live. Sites like Twitch or Periscope have popularised the use.

The streaming is it legal in France ? .

It depends on the content. In itself, the streaming is not illegal.

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest actors on the web use.

However, there are some platforms which make it available to the public programs (films, series, songs ..) without permission and without paying copyright. These are illegal and fairly easy to spot (poor video quality, ads bad, no mention of the terms of use ..).

Post a video or a song on a streaming website without the permission of its authors is a fraud, and the penalties go up to 3 years of imprisonment and 300 000 euros fine.

For users, watch a video illegally streamed can be considered to be receiving stolen property, that is to say, the profit-conscious product of a crime or an offense.

However, as indicated by the lawyer Arnaud Dimeglio, “ there is currently no clear solution on the (..) to the consultation of illegal content online, or playing streaming.”

Thus, in practice, the justice attack on the distributors of pirated content that the public. However, it is recommended users to avoid these platforms.

A streaming offering that law develops .

The streaming offering legal dramatically expanded in recent years. In addition to the famous us platform Netflix, many creators and distributors of content now offer their programs online.

Two models of streaming are imposed. You can either purchase a subscription for access to a video platform (Netflix, Amazon, Canal Play ..) or watch content for free but with advertising breaks (MyTF1, Pluzz, 6Play ..).

If you want to explore the offers of streaming legal in France, we recommend the search engine JustWatch. Created by a start-up German, this site brings together the contents of 15 platforms of streaming, and allows you to know where to watch your favorite programs.

For the streaming audio, there are two leaders on the market : the French platform Deezer and sweden’s Spotify. Both sites offer a paid subscription unlimited, but you can also listen to the artists free of charge (with advertising breaks).

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