The good plans and video games (2020).


Instead, you are a champion of a race on Mario Bros, dribbling on FIFA and PES, or a warlike soldier of Call Of Duty ?

In all cases, there is no pre-defined profiles to enjoy playing a video game solo or with friends, the main thing is to have fun !

You can enrich a unique gaming experience in 4K with the Xbox 360, take advantage of the virtual reality with the PS4, Pro, or even take advantage of the hybrid side of the Nintendo Switch.

Besides, if you hesitate between the PS4 and the Switch, see our article comparative.

Of course, the consoles do not go without the games, for this reason we have selected for you the packs, or games only, offering the most interesting price reductions.

From Super Mario to Pokémon through the series, we will try to arrange THE best deal.

Also, for you outdoor fun, why not fly a drone ? Some of which are over 100 €, others are more affordable. And, to animate an evening in family or between friends, what could be better than a game company !

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1. Pack Console Xbox One X + Your Xbox Controller Black + 4 Games .


The Pack Xbox One X with a Black controller and the games Division 2, Resident Evil, HellBlade, GOW 4 is -40 % on Amazon, or at 410,99 € instead of 679,95 €.

2. Nintendo Switch Lite Gray .


On Cdiscount, find the Switch Lite (grey) less than 200 € ! Don’t miss out !

3. Pack Console Xbox One S .


The pack Xbox One S consists of the console, Forza Horizon 4, FIFA 19, headset Turtle Beach Recon 50x White, a Xbox One White and GOW 4 and Apex Legends in the form of downloadable content.

Currently in promotion, you’ll be almost 170 € discount. Now, it is 329,99 € instead of 499 €.

4. Final Fantasy VII : Remake .


Pre-order now Final Fantasy VII : Remake (PS4), at this time, Amazon offers to 49.99 € instead of 69,99 €.

5. Crash Team Racing, And Nitro Fueled .


Here is a good plan Cdiscount not to be missed ! The game Crash Team Racing, Nitro Fueled, on PS4 is 29,99 € !

6. Nintendo Lab™ Kit VR Toy-Con .


You already have Nintendo Lab at home and you would like to complete your collection ? The kit camera and the elephant is in promotion on Cdiscount at a price of 15,99 €.

7. GTA V .


Until the release of GTA VI, playing GTA V (PC version) for 14.99 € !

8. Civilization VI .


The game Civilization VI on Switch is up to 40% off on Amazon, it goes to 29.99 €.

9. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe .


Good news for owners of Nintendo Switch, the new Super Mario Bros is promo 44,49 € on Amazon.

10. Keyboard gamer Corsair K70 .


You play from your computer ? For speed and efficiency, arm yourself with the keyboard Corsair K70 ! It is very comfortable and its backlight is very convincing. On Amazon, it is 149.99 to € !

Please do not hesitate to check out our buying guide best keyboards for gamers !

11. Headset Razer Kraken Tournament Edition .


The headset Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is in promotion on Amazon, where it passes from 86,57 € 64,70 €.

12. Headset Gamer Beexcellent GM-1 .


67 % off on Amazon on the helmet ultra-lightweight Beexcellent, GM-1, it is 17,69 € only ! Grab this offer as soon as possible !

13. Mini Dock Adapter .


To connect your console Switch to an HD display and play on your TV, the Mini Dock Adapter is 23.99 € on Cdiscount.