The best watches are connected (2020).


What are the best watches connected ? .

The head of our selection is the Amazfit GTS, the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Fossil Gen 5. According to us, these three models have the best quality/price ratio but they are not the only ones that are worth the shot !

How to choose your watch connected ?

A watch is connected to a subject a hybrid that allows you to put, on your wrist, the information contained on your smartphone notifications, emails, SMS .. no need to leave your phone in your bag.

This accessory also has features that are unique and complement those of your laptop, as the follow-up of physical activity.

For the moment, there are two types of watches : connected touch screens, and analog mixed (or hybrid).

These last to transmit their data via small LCD screens, LED or even needles specific.

Their advantage is that they have batteries which last longer than the watches with touch-screen. These last, however, have many more features.

Such as smartphones, watches that are connected have different operating systems. To make the best of their ability, it is preferable (but not mandatory) to coordinate with your phone and your watch. Thus, Android users would prefer to certainly be Android Wear or Google, while the holders of iPhone will be most likely to the Apple Watch.

Also note that some brands have created operating systems specific to their products such as the Pebble, Vector, Watch, or Samsung. In summary, there is something for all tastes !

What is it that makes a good watch connected ? .

During our comparison, we have taken into account the number of features of watches connected, their effectiveness to carry out each task and their compatibility with different smartphones. The appearance is the last characteristic to be examined, since all tastes are in nature.

Before you buy a watch connected, take into account your habits and what you want to do.

If you are a jogger, you prefer surely a watch with GPS and heart monitor (be careful, they can be disappointing) but if you like swimming you will choose a waterproof watch.

Please do not hesitate to consult our comparison of the best watches for the sport.

1. Amazfit GTS .


The Amazfit GTS looks very similar to the Apple Watch Series, an AMOLED display rectangular, a metal body eerily similar but it is thinner than the Series of Apple. Its battery has a better battery life (up to one month as long as you keep the screen in standby), and additional functions such as monitoring of sleep.

However, it loses points because of its operating system which is rather slow, as its application elsewhere.

2. Apple Watch Series 5 .

Apple Watch Series 5

It is not surprising that the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best watch Apple to this day. If you have an iPhone most of all, though we’re betting that a lot of Android users would be happy to have one if compatibility there was.

This edition has been improved in particular with a constant readout, and other minor changes. The price varies greatly depending on the luxury that you want.
We regret only that the battery had not gained power.

3. Fossil Gen 5 .

Fossil 5ème génération

The Fossil 5th generation is features a beautiful OLED display of 1.28 inches with a density of 328 pixels. We love its elegant dial is rounded and the possibility to choose a finish stainless steel or silicone, the manufacturing quality is undeniable.

Side performance, this generation includes a chip Snapdragon 3100, a GPS, a Bluetooth connection and also the heart rate monitoring.

The Gen 5 is surmounted by the speakers through which you can call from your wrist or use the Google Wizard.

One of the great strengths of the Gen 5 is its battery. This last has a power of 310 mAh battery and boasts of fast charging which enables it to achieve 85 % in 1 hour.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 .

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

With a beautiful design and functions fitness complete and effective, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is undoubtedly one of the best watches connected.

Its follow-up fitness is effective, as its application system TizenOS, its OLED touch screen is sensitive enough.

Its only flaw is its battery which only has 2 days of battery life..

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch .

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Watch Galaxy is the best of Samsung, it is also the most expensive of the brand in south korea.

What is it that explains such a price ? It features GPS, NFC and auto-tracking exercises, activities, and heart.

We recommend that you use the Galaxy Watch with a Samsung smartphone, this way you will automatically have the apps for messaging and email. However, it also works very well with other Android, and even iPhone.

This watch is a little less sophisticated than the Apple Watch Series 4, but for Android users, it is the most powerful on the market.

6. Fitbit Ionic .

Fitbit Ionic

The Ionic is the first watch connected, strictly speaking, the Fitbit. It is intended both for sports and casual as the followers of the gym. The Ionic has a GPS, a music player, allows contactless payment and displays notifications from your smartphone. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be used at the pool.

It is a show coach that we highly recommend.

7. Huawei Watch 2 .

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei has made numerous improvements to its shows connected, and the result is more than successful. The Huawei Watch 2 has a GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G (optional). You can use it alone or with your smartphone. Thanks to its many sensors, you will get detailed information on your physical performance (heart rate, VO2 Max, etc.) and you can see directly on the watch or via the app Huawei Health.

As for the design, the Huawei Watch 2 looks a lot more sporty than its first model. Some will enjoy, others will not. Also note that as the dial is quite thick, this watch is appropriate may not be appropriate for smaller wrists.

8. Fossil Sport .

Fossil Sport

With the Fossil Sport, the brand was able to create a beautiful sports watch with tracking physical activity and heart rate.

Its light-weight design and colorful dress your wrist as you wear it for a sport session or on a daily basis. It is available in 6 colors (black, blue, grey, neon, red and powdery pink) and its silicone strap is interchangeable.

The screen of the Fossil Sport is OLED, touch and measure 1.2 inches. You can view its various features, receive notifications directly to your smartphone and analyze your sporting achievements. Due to its application Wear OS, please do not hesitate to customize your dial with the picture of your choice.

It is a model that shows the connected sealed, certified 5 ATM. However, we recommend that you do not too put it to the test of water..

For its full review, please visit this article.

9. Amazfit GTR .

Amazfit GTR

The Amazfit GTR from Xiaomi is a watch with touch screen and front digital. It is very attractive and its design could be confused with a classic watch. For the dress, you have the choice between a wrist strap in smooth leather or stainless steel.

The navigation on the Amazfit is shared between its three physical controls and screen of 1.39 inch touchscreen. The latter is equipped with an AMOLED display (454 x 454, 326 ppi) and Gorilla glass.

Xiaomi claims that the battery life of 410 mAh can last up to 74 days with a daily use of moderate and 24 days with an active use.

10. MATE2 .


The MATE2 to NOERDEN is a watch connected to the hybrid design-class, simple and without unnecessary detail. It is unisex due to its style but also its size, as it is well suited to the wrists of the most purposes.
His next sport is not comparable to that of the Fitbit, but for a city dweller who wants to resume his form in hand, it is the tocante ideal.

His features fitness are effective, it has a very nice battery life (since it integrates a battery), but we think it misses the payment without contact.

For more information, please do not hesitate to consult our complete test.