The best VPN for the streaming.


The streaming has entered the mainstream by becoming one of the main approaches to watch movies, series or to listen to music wherever you are. His only restriction, and not least, is the blocking of content from abroad.

Fortunately, to counter this limitation and have access to foreign programs while keeping your connection private, there is a trick very easy : the use of a VPN.
In fact, to access Netflix us from France, or Canal+ beyond borders, to have a virtual private network, you will be indispensable.

Choose a VPN for the streaming.

We wrote an article on VPN what we believe to be the best to browse the internet in privacy or watch TV programs in French outside of the Hexagon. However, we consider that the needs are different when it comes to streaming, so that is why we have established this other classification.

In general, the main expectation of the fans of streaming is a very good speed. It is an essential feature to be able to watch content in high definition (and even 4K) without having to worry about interference, bugs, or bad pixelization of the image.

In addition to the speed, it is also important to ensure the reliability of your connection and that you have a wide range of servers to access the desired programs.
Some VPN offer quick updates for understanding of the limits of access from abroad is operated through the platforms of streaming.

Finally, don’t forget to check that your VPN is compatible with your different devices, computer, smartphone, games console, etc

The best VPN for the streaming.

Now, check out our list of recommendation of the best VPN for the streaming.

1. NordVPN .


NordVPN is our first choice for the streaming of its more than 5,000 servers around the world and its broad compatibility with devices.

You’ll enjoy easy to a fast connection with the country of your choice. It also means that you are much more likely to find a server that works for Netflix, which is not the case for all.
In addition to allowing the broadcast of programs, it blocks ads and malicious software.

Based in Panama, NordVPN takes seriously the privacy, the loading speed, and customer service. Its a small point bonus is its intuitive interface and airy.

NordVPN is often a promotional, at this moment, for example, the 3-year subscription is only a 3,17 €/month, a reduction of 70 %.

Note that the application of NordVPN is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Windows..

2. ExpressVPN .


ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN for streaming thanks to its combination of a simple, quick installation and wide coverage networks.

He has more than 3 000 servers in 94 countries, so you will have no problem finding the one you need. Even better for streaming HD, it incorporates a tool that recommends you the best choice of servers, taking into account their speeds.

Install ExpressVPN on a wide range of devices, including extension of the pure web browser or directly on your router to cover your entire internet connection.

The only downside is its price as it is a little more expensive than some of its competitors. Nevertheless, ExpressVPN offers often discounts, keep an eye on their site.

3. CyberGhost .


CyberGhost is a good VPN and at low cost, it is easy to use and it has a feature that you’ll appreciate : the streaming mode.
It allows you to configure automatically (or manually) to the ideal parameters to access the service and server (+ 3000 divided in 58 countries) of your choice.

Fluid and without any limitation of bandwidth, it is perfect for following the sports competitions.

Currently, CyberGhost offers an to 2.45 €/month for 3 years, or if you do not want to hire you, then it is the price of 11,99 €/month

4. PureVPN .


PureVPN has one big selling point, it has servers based in more than 140 countries.

Thanks to such a deployment, you are sure to be able to connect to the streaming service of your choice at decent speeds and in any corner of the world. PureVPN is one of the fastest on the market and its interface is easy to use.

In addition, committing for two years, PureVPN is 2.97 € per month only. Its monthly price without a subscription is 9.76 €.

5. Surfshark .


Surfshark is without a doubt the VPN is the least expensive of our selection, and it is as good as the other. It offers you instant and secure access to the content of your choice. And at this price, Surfshark does not keep track of your data with a strong encryption.

It offers fewer servers and countries than its competitors, but for most users it is more than sufficient, and will fully meet their needs in streaming.

Surfshark is not the fastest service but, for its price, it is worth to be considered. Its offers the least expensive is 1,79 € per month.