The best VPN for Kodi (2020).


If you are using a VPN for Kodi, your connection will be a good boost and will be more secure thanks to the encryption of data. In addition, you will also be able to access even more online content.

In this article, we have collected the best VPN for Kodi, for the streaming more smooth, secure and protected.

1. NordVPN .


NordVPN is our favorite service of the selection. It can be install on a Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android, but it is also available as a Firefox extension and Chrome.

NordVPN is located outside of the country in the 14 Eyes, and he adopts a strict policy of “no logs”, that is to say that it does not backup any given related to your internet browsing.

This VPN service has also a great level of encryption, an option Double VPN, which encrypts both your data, as well as a switch to stop the connection.

Be aware that with NordVPN, you can connect to more than 5,000 servers in over 60 countries. The other advantage of NordVPN is that it can use for 6 devices at the same time.

In addition, if you ever encounter problems, we recommend that you contact its customer service department open 24 hours/24 and 7 days/7.

2. ExpressVPN .


If you are riding on the speed then ExpressVPN is certainly the one you need. It does not store neither your IP address or your location. So you can surf anonymously and choose between 160 locations in 94 countries.

There are applications for iOS and Android in addition to MacOS, Linux, and Windows. ExpressVPN also offers an option to VPN router that will protect every connected device. Your Wi-Fi network will then benefit from extra security.

3. PureVPN .


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN has more than 2 000 servers distributed in over a hundred countries. It undertakes not to follow any of your activities, but keep the data usage of its bandwidth to improve its servers.

With PureVPN, your personal information is placed under high security with encryption up to 256‑bit, that even a third party may not access.

PureVPN offers its own network and its DNS, offers support via a chat available 24h/24, 7days/7 and a guarantee of repayment for 31 days.

You can use PureVPN on 5 devices at the same time, in addition to Kodi, it works on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, with a Amazon Fire stick, a smart TV, a games console and a router.

4. Goose VPN .


We have decided to include Goose VPN because this service is designed especially for streaming.

When you select a location VPN, you can choose a server optimized for streaming. Goose lends itself very well to the use of Kodi.

Of course, Goose does not offer a Amazon Fire Stick and only has a little over 40 servers spread out in less than 30 countries. But, it is a VPN is very efficient, which gives you access to american programs, fast and reliable.

5. CyberGhost .


Our final recommendation is CyberGhost. It enjoys a solid reputation in terms of security and transparency, with excellent encryption and excellent applications for Android and iOS in addition to Windows and MacOS.

There are over 5 900 available servers in the world, as well as a Kill Switch to automatic, and allows you to connect 7 devices at once.

Its money-back guarantee is valid for 45 days, which leaves you enough time to try it out. Note that CyberGhost is based in Romania, it is, therefore, outside the jurisdiction of the 14 Eyes.