The best VPN for iPhone and iPad (2020).


A “virtual private network”, a VPN creates a secure connection between a device (iPad, iPhone, computer ..) and a server, allowing to surf on the web with discretion.

A VPN may, in particular, to hide the geographic location of a device, and many individuals use it to visit sites that otherwise would not be available in their country. To learn more, we recommend you consult our buying guide to VPN.

1. NordVPN .


Based in Panama, outside of the covenant of the Fourteen Eyes, NordVPN is a service that has more than 5,000 servers are hosted in close to 60 countries around the world.

NordVPN encrypts all of its data, which makes it one of VPN the most secure of our selection. Also, if your connection to its servers it becomes unstable as a kill switch (automatic switch) allows you to disconnect from the internet so that your IP address is not detectable.

NordVPN has a very easy to use interface on iPad, iPhone, and if you are experiencing technical problems, the customer service is available 24h/24, 7j/7.

For 8 years, NordVPN is a promotion of 70 % on the package of 3 years, if you subscribe, the service offers you an additional subscription for free. For more information, see our article devoted to this discount anniversary NordVPN.

2. ExpressVPN .


Registered on the british Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN encrypted compatible with the iOS operating system.

It is superbly quick and very simple to use, like other companies, ExpressVPN says do not retain any information about its users. It has over 3, 000 servers distributed in 94 countries, it works with Netflix, Canal+, and other platforms, online streaming, etc

Its customer service accessible 24h/24 is very effective, so don’t hesitate to call in the event of a problem.

3. PureVPN .


PureVPN, it is more than 2 000 servers and more than 300 000 IP addresses, so you can say that there is plenty of choice. Its interface to use on the iPhone and iPad is not the most sophisticated but it is effective.

The user may choose to use a server in any available city or it can let the software choose which to use according to its activity (watching a competition online..).

Moreover, PureVPN can break down its tunnel, which allows you to use simultaneously, some of the apps with its local connection and the other through the VPN.

You have a guarantee of repayment after 31 days of trial.

4. CyberGhost .


Thanks to a coding system worthy of the army, CyberGhost (based in Romania, outside the alliance of the 14 Eyes) has been able to build a very good reputation. With it, your iPad and your iPhone are safe !

You want to surf the internet without leaving traces and without having to install plug‑in ? Then this VPN will please you.

CyberGhost works very well on all iOS devices and it comes with its own adblocker.

If you are unsure, you can test its free version before you subscribe.

5. Surfshark .


Surfshark is a VPN simple to use and intuitive, that the iPad app should appeal to neophytes. It gives you access to more than 1,000 servers spread in 61 countries, it works with Netflix and other streaming services.

It protects blocks the ads, does not collect your data activity and connection, it also secures your banking transactions. It also includes a Kill Switch, it cuts off your internet connection when your VPN stops working, this way your data will not be exposed.

You will appreciate its functionality double MultiHop, a kind of double VPN allows you to connect to several countries simultaneously.

Be aware that Surfshark is located outside of the covenant of the Fourteen eyes, and has a strict policy of non-conservation of logs.

This is one of the VPN the cheapest on the market. At this time, it offers a package to 1.88 €/month for 24 months.

6. TunnelBear .


Tunnel Bear gives you free access to all its servers, except those who are located in Australia. The interface of the application is extremely simple to navigate on the iPad and its connection speed is quite reasonable. It can be used with Netflix, and it has a Kill Switch.

Tunnel Bear is a free offer to use 500 Mb of data/month. Beyond that, you need to subscribe to an offer fee (about € 5 or about 10 €/month, depending on the subscription).