The best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020).


The advantage of owning Amazon Fire TV Stick is able to watch all of the content published on Amazon, Netflix, YouTube.. streaming on your TV.

However, as on the computer, there are certain restrictions established because of your geographical location.

Because of this, when you are abroad and you want to watch programs in French, some videos may be blocked or unavailable.

In such a case, the only solution is the use of a VPN, it will allow you to change your virtual location. It also has the ability to encrypt all information passing between your device and the server, so that nobody can access your research, to your computer, or your TV remote.

So, for you to enjoy content streamed across the Atlantic or across the Channel on your Fire TV Stick, we’ve compiled a the VPN are most effective in terms of security and performance.

The result of this selection, you can also find our buying guide to find out how to choose your virtual private network.

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1. NordVPN .


NordVPN is our service of choice. Based in Panama, it has a 5 000 servers in 60 countries.

Its performance is among the best, especially when streaming HD videos. If you want to, it is compatible with the 4K, provided your broadband is fast enough.

Thanks to his Smart Play, it automatically selects the server most suitable to meet your needs and, at the same time, you do find the american version of Netflix.

With its policy of no-log, and its encryption, AES-256 bit, NordVPN wins, without a doubt, the 1st place in terms of privacy and security on the Internet. This role is reinforced by its functionality Double VPN that promises a privacy-optimal.

Finally, NordVPN is compatible with any device and works with a maximum of six connections simultaneously.
The application of NordVPN is in the app store of your Firestick. Its interface is also adapted for use on television.

Until the 10th of march, take advantage of the superb discount of 70 % on the package of 3 years.

2. ExpressVPN .


ExpressVPN carries its name to perfection as it is a of VPN services the fastest and quality for streaming video.

Today, there are not less than 3 000 servers in 90 countries. Its head office is located in the british Virgin islands, out of the country for 14 eyes.

It has its own DNS servers, it works with the OpenVPN protocol and approves the access to the Tor network. In addition to Netflix US, you will also be able to unblock Hulu.

It is an excellent technical support, reliable and very easy to take in hand.

It is possible to connect 3 devices to the service at the same time, which is a bit less than its competitors.

The application ExpressVPN was fastest to install and it is directly available in the app store of your Fire Stick.

3. Surfshark .


Surfshark a virtual private network is in full swing and the price is hard to beat. For good reason, it costs 1.88 €/month.

Unlike most of its rivals, Surfshark does not impose a limited number of devices, connect as many smartphones, computers, or other devices that you want.

It gives you access to all the streaming video services popular and combines 1 000 servers distributed in 61 countries. Among them are the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

Among its advantages, Surfshark does not impose any geographical restrictions, it has a adblocker and is committed to a policy no-log due to which none of your information is backed up.

4. PureVPN .


PureVPN is a versatile tool and has an application Fire TV is ready to use.

This is a very good option with 2 000 servers in 141 countries, is the widest coverage of all the services in this comparison.

Based outside of the alliance of the 14 eyes, it provides reliable connections and active.

On the other hand, the operating data of its bandwidths are saved in order to optimize their use.

To protect you better, PureVPN adopts, also, the OpenVPN protocol and uses its own DNS servers.

You can enjoy these features on five devices at once.

5. VyprVPN .


With VyprVPN, take advantage of the platforms of streaming in HD or 4K if your own debit ronchonne not too much.

Based in Switzerland, it is located outside of the 14 eyes, and now applies a policy of no‑log by taking charge of the connections to P2P. Select the same technology Kill Switch to prevent the leakage of your datas.

In order to protect your Cloud data and your router VyprVPN is equipped with a NAT firewall. It automatically blocks all incoming connections is not required.

For its location, it submits a quantity of 700 servers spread across 70 countries.

For the anecdote, note that VyprVPN was one of the first VPN services to integrate its application to the Fire TV.

6. IPVanish .


IPVanish has 1 300 servers in 60 countries, and it is a very good choice if you value the protection of your privacy. It does not preserve logs, or time of connection.

On the other hand, the snag is that it is based in the United States, one of the “14 eyes”..

Its performance is excellent and the app on Fire TV allows you to automatically change IP address and select a server that is nimble enough to be a pleasant experience.

Finally, if you do not find the right server to get access to Netflix US for example, then the technical support will be there to answer your query quickly.

By opting for the package of a year, you get the benefit of the feature SugarSync. It provides storage, synchronization, sharing and backup of your files secure.

7. Windscribe .


With Windscribe, get a free bandwidth of 10 Gb and P2P per month, with the only condition being that you register via an email address.

Its privacy policy is clear, although some data are collected, they are deleted in the three minutes that follow the end of your session.

Windscribe practice a AES-256 encryption with an authentication SHA512 and RSA key 4096 bits, or encryption complicated for absolute security.

With its free package, go to its servers in a dozen of countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Romania.

However, for more choice, opt for a Pro subscription with unlimited bandwidth and access to any available server on Windscribe.

Find his app in the app store of your Fire Stick.

How to choose a VPN for its Amazon Fire Stick ?.

To inform you on the best VPN and their usefulness, on the Tech Advisor we have selected the best of them, free, not free, but also published tutorials, and tips.

On the other hand, not to let you in on the blur, here is a summary of the criteria to be taken into consideration in order to choose the virtual network that is suitable to your Fire TV.


The connection must be fast enough to allow the dissemination of videos with a good quality and without latency.


The encryption used by the server needs to provide optimum security to protect your device against potential threats.

The higher the encryption, the higher your data will be preserved. Today, the standard is the AES protocol, and it proposes a number of ciphers, ranging from 128 to 256 bits.


During your viewing, regardless of the content, the datas are very quickly consumed.

Therefore, it would be best to opt for a VPN with unlimited bandwidth or with a monthly quota important.

For more practicality, don’t hesitate to also download the application for your VPN directly on your Fire TV via its online store.