The best video editing software free (2020).


You want to edit videos like a professional ? It is now possible, simply and free of charge.

Whether you want to try your hand at animation, add special effects to the Avatar, or create something much more simple, there is an editing software that is suited to your needs. In our selection, we’ve even included the software used for the big american productions, as well as films oscarisés.

The paid version of a software that offers high-end features that most free software may not offer. However, we recommend you to pay a subscription to use the trial version, this will help you better determine the one that suits you.

The best video editing software free for Windows 10 :


DaVinci Resolve.
HitFilm Express.

1. DaVinci Resolve .


Believe it or not, the company BlackMagic has made its software DaVinci Resolve 16 completely free of charge.

The hollywood industry (Le Mans 66, Ad Astra, John Wick : Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Bohemian Rhapsody..) making extensive use of this software because of its function of color correction is very powerful.

The free version offers almost all the same tools as its version Studio pay. “Almost” because it does not allow you to edit videos with multiple cameras, that is to say, from multiple cameras, to make 3D or to remove the ambient noise. These small “defects” do not frighten even the professionals !

We would like to clarify that this software is not so simple to use. Once the full power of Resolve Lite is mastered, you’ll be able to create a masterpiece. No, we are not exaggerating when !

2. HitFilm Express .

HitFilm Express

Since its release in 2011, HitFilm Pro has continued to gain in performance. This is, without a doubt, one of the best video editing software currently available.

The free version of HitFilm Express, includes an impressive number of features.

The interface is clean and precise, with just enough explanation. If you feel lost, please do not hesitate to watch the video tutorials on the site Hitfilm.

Although HitFilm Express is a software for simple editing, it gives you the ability to create special effects, do some compositing, 2D and 3D match moving, for example.

If you find that HitFilm Express is too limited, you can always buy extensions. One of our favorite is the pack of special effects “Sci-fi Adventure”. It allows you to add light to the sabres, lightning to lasers, and more !

If you do not want to spend too much money, other special effects are available at a lower cost, such as the factors of flare, the treatment of colours, the effect of atmospheric refraction.

3. Blender .


Mainly used for the creation of modeling and 3D animation, Blender is an open source software that is extremely powerful. It is so powerful that among other things, advertising, the american channel History is used, for example.

Do you remember the movie Spiderman 2 ? The designers of this blockbuster have used Blender !

It has features adapted to animation and short films, but also has a complete system built, worthy of an editing software expert.

Clips can be inserted in the timeline, these are used to add transitions or cut scenes for example. The duration of these clips can be modified, they can overlap and combine via transitions effects or estompages.

You will also be able to feel more advanced features, such as motion capture, 2D and 3D, the compositing of animated objects to sequences in real time.
There are also very good tools to correct the camera via the calibration of the lens and the image stabilization.

Blender is an open source software, the user guide can sometimes be incomplete. To help you, please refer to the online discussion forums, especially if you are an expert in English, if not there are tutorials in French. Download Blender from this link.

4. Lightworks .


The Wolf of Wall Street is another hollywood film that used a free software, this time Lightworks.

There’s the free edition and professional, the main differences are in the output format and the resolution is limited to 720 pixels..

You will have or models video or scrolling of securities or other intensive effects, but instead this software will focus on tools of precision, handling and control of the clips.

The videos are imported and organized using a system of folders, bins, and locations can be created when you do your changes. The management of clips of your videos is as a database : view multiple, search bar, sorting, tagging..

The software is created so that, for example, a team of graphic designers can work in co-operation, on multiple workspaces. This is very handy when it comes to movies of two hours, with dozens of scenes and hundreds of clips. Note that this feature is not available in other video editing software.

The editing tools are powerful and offer a very good control.

The association of scenes is done very easily, the handling of the points of entry and exit can be done directly from the timeline.

The range of special effects such as transitions remains fairly restricted, the more often a fade from and to black is enough.

Lightworks is rather aimed at professionals in the video editing, but don’t be complex, it is still very interesting to use such a tool, it’s free !

5. VSDC .

VSDC Free Video Editor

All of the editing software tested, VSDC is the most difficult to master. Which is quite confusing at first. This software contains many features a little complicated, but your perseverance will pay.

With VSDC you can create a video with several scenes. Each scene has its own “objects”, which can be clips, photos, etc

You will have the opportunity to add to these objects plethora of effects, even within a single scene. The brightness, the contrast, the shades of color, saturation, and other characteristics can be adjusted. The objects can also be returned, distorted, rotated..

The clips can be divided into smaller and be moved. There are a whole bunch of audio effects also.

The effects are numerous and impressive, but may be too complex and not very precise.

VSDC is your best option if you want to work picture in picture (with a small image embedded in a larger on the same screen) to add bubbles of conversation with text, overlay lines, rectangles or ellipses.

The supply of export formats is excellent, and there are presets for the PC, DVD, iPod, Xbox, Playstation, smartphones, etc

The videos can be carried out in format DVD, VCD, AVI and MPG also. This software also allows to burn CD and DVD.

Compared to other video editing programs, VSDC is full of many more tools. It is definitely worth it !

6. Avidemux .


Avidemux is a tool dedicated to video editing, it is fairly limited because only one clip can be loaded at a time.
Once your clip is ready, it is recommended that you finish all your editing using other software.

After having loaded a clip, the beginning and the end can be cut off by establishing benchmarks of input and output. There is a preview window and a control wheel to skip backward or forward, and switch from plan to plan.
It is possible to add audio tracks to your video.

The biggest advantage of Avidemux is the modification of your video. There are eight categories of filters and many options for each category.

Among the options, there is the addition of borders, logos with the technique of alpha blending, also known as a simulation of transparency, the change in the frequency of images, you can crop, fade, rotate, flip, and change the length of your videos.

You will have the ability to adjust the brightness and the contrast, the shades of color and saturation, reducing noise, re-adjust the borders, and so on

If you have clips of different lengths and frequencies of images, which is very likely if you have used different digital cameras, camcorders or smartphones, then Avidemux is a very good option. It will allow you to align them before you complete your film.

There are other options to preset interesting options like DVD, 720 pixels, PSP, SVCD.. Although this software has features that are quite useful, it does not remain less and less restricted, and the error messages are frequent, this can demotivate.