The best video editing software for Mac (2020).


With the camera of iPhone to take videos of an amazing quality, it would be a shame to leave all of these short films in a corner of your library iOS.
If you want to improve, you can certainly use apps like iMovie, Clips, Filmmaker Pro.., but why do it on a small screen when you have a MacBook or an iMac ?

If the cost of editing software slows you down, fear not. We have selected the best applications for the Mac, some are free, that will meet the needs of all producers and directors (grass).

iMovie .


iMovie from Apple is perfect for beginners in video editing. It is a powerful software and designed in such a way as to achieve special effects is a breeze.

What is most interesting about iMovie is that its downloading from the App Store is completely free !

iMovie is regularly updated in order to follow the evolution of the cameras of iOS and video formats. For example, the iPhone of today can shoot in 4K, iMovie is, therefore, now consistent with this resolution, but also with the format HEVC to compress your videos.

The iMovie interface is not drowned under the orders, this way you focus on editing your recordings. Also, thanks to the library iMovie, you can organize your videos in the same way as on your iPhone (Events folder).

In addition to importing content from your iPhone, your iPad, but also audio tracks from your iTunes library, it is also possible to do it from various devices camera or from your hard drive. And, once your video is created, you export it to your iOS.

You will see, it is easy to add, rearrange your clips in the timeline and you will find plenty of shortcuts edition.
Among the controls proposed include adding text, changing the speed of the clip, the stabilization of videos, or even the preview of your creations.

More advanced users will be able to do compositing (mix of images to make a plan).

The audio mix is just as intuitive, you can achieve fades, and even add a voice via the microphone of your Mac, or an external.

Finally, share your film on Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook, no configuration will be required, with the exception of the choice of the video resolution.

Lightworks .


After its initial release in 1989, Lightworks has been used for many feature films successes (Pulp Fiction, LA Confidential, The king’s Speech, The Wolf of Wall Street, Shutter Island, Bruce almighty..), television series, and advertisements.

Since its acquisition in 2009 by EditShare, Lightworks is available in open source, it is considered to be the video editor * professional-level the more the reach of all. In addition, it is available as a free download for Macs, Windows and Linux.

You will have the choice between a free license of 7 days, to activate as soon as your registration and installation of the program, and the package Lightworks Pro.

The latter is payable on a monthly basis (for £ 19.99) or annually (134,99 €, with updates). Otherwise, you can directly buy their unlimited plan 337,99 €.

With these subscriptions, you can import your files into video formats-traditional, but also worthy of pro, such as Apple ProRes, RED R3D, and Cinema DNG.

With the trial version, working with high-resolution images, but they are only exportable in 720p HD at the maximum. Apart from this limit, it provides powerful features usually reserved for mounting systems professionals, such as real-time effects, titles, and even editing multi-camera.. As to titles, they are a great quality, simple to create and modify.

Lightworks has two disadvantages. The first is that, in order to be able to use it, prerequisite systems are required.
For example, your Mac must not be prior to the version 10.9, your RAM, it must be a minimum of 3 Gb and your graphics card must be powerful enough (NVIDIA K1200, K2200, K4200 and K5200), etc.

The second is that this software professional has a plethora of options, perhaps too many, which for the most part, you probably don’t need.

Moreover, it lacks the friendly side of the MacOS application, so you need a little more time to get used to it and master it.

However, many of the video tutorials (in English) are available on the website of Lightworks, but also on YouTube, they will help you to overcome it. We strongly recommend that you follow them before you throw them into the water.

DaVinci Resolve .

BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve

Like Lightworks, DaVinci Resolve is a familiar name in the world of film production. Since its acquisition by Blackmagic Design in 2009, features a very sophisticated have been added.

DaVinci Resolve is available in two versions : DaVinci Resolve which is totally free and DaVinci Resolve Studio which costs 269 €.

Both are available for download from the website of Blackmagic and the App Store (Resolve, Studio).
It is to be noted that the versions for Mac App Store are slightly different from those of Blackmagic, due to restrictions imposed by Apple, but these differences are negligible.

If you decide to use DaVinci, so much to tell you, you might be overwhelmed when you open it for the 1st time. Here, no user guide and an interface somewhat intimidating. However, the editing process is identical to most of the software competitors.

It has powerful organizational tools, such as the Power Panel or the Smart Bins. The editing on the timeline is simple and quick. Thanks to its double timeline, navigate a turn of the hand in your edits, and the option mounts the smart will automatically synchronize the clips, and you don’t move the little finger.

As for the audio mixer, this can be achieved both on the timeline or via a mixer, and not in post-production. You can also download sound effects and mix of projects in the format of 3D audio.

Some of the tools in Resolve are among the best tools in the market (color correction, calibration, stabilization..). That said, if you take the time to master them (including helping you of tutorials), then you will win in the long term, since many of its features are still unsurpassed.

With Resolve, export your work on Vimeo, Youtube, etc, but also to Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro or Avid, all up to a resolution of UHD.

As Lightworks, DaVinci Resolve is not for the faint-hearted since it is a software which is very elaborate and complete.
However, this is sensational with DaVinci, is that its advanced features are free of charge.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 .

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements (from 99,60 € TTC) has some advantages compared to iMovie, in the sense that you can import your files in many more formats. Unfortunately, the process is not as simple..

With Adobe Premiere Elements, you have three methods of working, each corresponds to different levels of editing.

The Quick mode allows you to trim clips, reorder the shots, add titles, music, transitions, and record narration. Add also as other shots and then adjust, for example, the audio of the various clips in the timeline.

With the help of tutorials, the Guided mode will accompany you step by step in editing your videos. It tells you where are the transitions and how to adjust your clips, which can be rather useful for a beginner.

You will also have the opportunity to create a still frame and put the animated title, reduce the tremor, apply effects slow motion, fast or bounces (rewind action), and share them on social networks.

The Expert mode, it will allow you to fully explore what Premiere Elements has to offer. You can add additional layers, edit independently of the audio and video portions of the same clip, in order to create montages split.

Many of its controls are more flexible than in iMovie, you will need to realize the effects of image with a precise control over the size, position, rotation, adding musical arrangements, adjust the color tone, create transparency..

In regard to the sharing of your creations, you have the option to export your videos on Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook, and burn them on a DVD or Blu-ray (unlike iMovie).

Overall, Premiere Elements has tools that are similar to iMovie but they are more sophisticated, you will also appreciate its high flexibility.
However, it is the price, you may be put off. So, before you commit to spend nearly 100 € and to ensure that it is the software that you need, begin, perhaps, by its free trial version for 30 days.

Filmora9 .


There are a number of software video montages that are between iMovie and Premiere Elements. Filmora Wondershare (from 39,99 €) is an excellent example, it is addressed to the user of iMovie looking for a little more maneuverability.

Filmora is easy enough to use, import (and upload) your files, video, audio and photos from your hard drive, camera, Photos library or iTunes, but also from your accounts in Facebook, Flickr or Instagram.

Once imported, they can be added to the timeline with a simple drag-and-drop. Simple commands allow you to split clips, and you separate the unnecessary parts.

The clips can be overlaid to the effects of images, but these must be placed under the primary video track, which makes the layout of your timeline somewhat confused. Similarly, it is frustrating to have to go back and forth on the timeline..

Nevertheless, you will appreciate the ability to customize your text and its animation, to correct the effects of earthquake and add effects-slow motion, for example.

Despite a few inconsistencies of use, Filmora is a program that covers most of the basics of video editing.

We recommend that you take advantage of its free trial offer to see how you are doing. Be aware that Filmora also offers an unlimited plan 59,99 €.