The best touch tablets not expensive.


Amazon is the leader on the market of tablets, not expensive. The Amazon Fire 7, for example, has, for less than 80 €, a good enough screen in addition to Alexa, a slot for microSD for space-saving storage and an operating system that is very easy to use.

According to us, the Fire HD 8 deserves the 1st place, because for a few euros extra, it has a larger screen, better quality and has many features.

Let’s add also, that the Fire is not an Android tablet standard and it does not include Google applications..

The purchase of a tablet for less than 300 €, you have to really pay attention to the manufacturers and brands you’ve never heard of.

Their products may have low performance, be equipped with the bad screens and battery little powerful.

We therefore recommend that you read the opinions before you begin, and if you don’t find any then go your way.

Choose a tablet input range.

Before you buy a tablet cheap, pay attention to the characteristics presented below.

Screen size.

Determine if you prefer a screen of 7 or more wide, some models measure 9-10 inches. However, in general, 7 or 8 inches is enough, especially if you intend to take your tablet with you everywhere (there are also smaller models).

For the slab of the screen, the IPS technology guarantees good colors and good viewing angles. For the vast majority, their brightness and contrast are also correct.

The resolution is not a given, if important, should especially look at the density of the pixels, the smaller screens don’t require as many pixels as the great ; opt for a tablet with 220 pixels per inch at a minimum.

Storage space.

When you buy a tablet input range, don’t expect to get a storage space as a result. However, some manufacturers, as an alternative, to include in their product a slot for a micro SD card.

Note that the older tablets Amazon do not have, unlike the past generations.

A space of 16 Gb is a minimum. In fact, 8 Gb without the possibility of adding a microSD card is simply too limited because half (or more) of this capacity is taken up by the operating system and applications pre-installed, that you probably can’t remove..

Devices photos.

Most of the sensors photos are relatively of lower quality, compared to those of the best smartphones. So don’t expect to get beautiful pictures and videos.


Don’t pay too much attention to the GHz or even to the RAM. A high number had no impact on the performance.


If the tablet Fire is not what you are looking for then why don’t you turn to an Android (iPad not included, obviously not in the category of tablets at a small price).

The operating system determines not only the pre-installed applications, but also those that you can download and use. Google Play has a catalogue of huge apps, also, it is rare that an iOS app is available on iPad and not on Android.

1. Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 .


If you do not need Google applications on your tablet, then the Fire HD 8 is the best of this category that you can offer. It’s worth the extra euros compared to the Fire 7 since you get a wider screen and higher quality, which is perfect for viewing a series Amazon Prime Video.

2. Amazon Fire 7 (2019) .

Amazon Fire 7 (2019)

The latest tablet Fire 7 is two times more spacious than its previous version. It comes in three new colours and the image sensor, or front camera is a bit more efficient. It is perfect for a simple to use, and store movies and series on Netflix and Amazon.

3. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 .

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

If we are only talking about components, then the Mi Pad 4, Xiaomi is undoubtedly the best Android tablet that you can find for less than $ 250, and especially at this size (8 inches).

It is equipped with a screen Full HD with high quality components since it has a Snapdragon cpu 660, a RAM of 4 Gb and a storage space of up to 64 Gb. Xiaomi has also added a slot for microSD.

Its design, as amended, has enabled us to obtain a device more easy to handle with one hand and the new location of the speakers, on the bottom edge, enhances the audio.

Note that it runs on MIUI, which can be confusing for the uninitiated, and if you want to use Google services, you will need to install Google Play from the Mi App Store.

Also, be aware that there is an LTE version of the Mi-Pad-4.

4. Chuwi Hi9 Air .

Chuwi Hi9 Air

The design of the Chuwi Hi9 Air is, of course, not that of a premium but at this price you get 4G connectivity, a large screen 2K, sufficient to watch movies, series, online play, etc With this tablet, only the software updates could pose a problem.

5. Chuwi SurBook Mini .

Chuwi SurBook Mini

The SurBook Mini is a Windows tablet is well designed. You will appreciate the kickstand placed at the back, which allows you to raise, but also to use it with a keyboard.
Its sensors photos are only 2 MP so don’t expect to get exceptional results.

6. Cube iPlay 10 .

Cube iPlay 10

The tablet Cube iPlay 10 is, at least 115 €, equipped with a better screen, both in terms of its size and its resolution, that the Fire. It also offers more storage space and supports Google apps. The Cube lends itself very well to simple tasks.

7. Samsung Tab Has 10.1 .

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

The Tab Has Samsung’s displays a simple and stylish design with an aluminum back and the anodized finish, similar to that of the iPad. At the front, it is equipped with an LCD screen of 1 900 x 1 200 p.

Sides performance, it integrates a Samsung processor, the Exynos 7904 to eight hearts.

You can choose between 2 Gb and 3 Gb of RAM, on the other hand, for its storage capacity, you’ll have only 32 Gb.