The best tablets for children (2020).


Educational or simply fun, the shelves for children to bloom into the toy stores and on the Internet.

To help you choose the one that most closely matches the needs of your cherub, we have selected several models with different features.

The result of this selection, you’ll also find our buying guide combining the criteria to be taken into account before you embark on the purchase of a tablet.

The best tablets for children (2020).

1. Tablet Fire 7 inch .


The Fire 7 has an excellent quality‑price ratio. Its size and ease of use make it the ideal tablet for your young child.

With this tablet, you can take advantage of Amazon services (videos, music, Alexa).

Its battery has a duration of 8 hours, in other words a day to use with your toddler. With the addition of an SD card, save up to 256 Gb of data.

Dimensions and weight : 7-inch and 295 g.
Memory : 8 Gb or 16 Gb (expandable up to 256 Gb).
Wi-Fi : yes.
Bluetooth : yes.
Camera : 2mp rear, VGA front (0,3 Mp).

2. Tablet Fire HD 8 .

Amazon Fire HD 8

The tablet Fire HD 8 Amazon has a bigger screen and a better resolution than the Fire 7. It has stereo speakers and its battery lasts up to 12 h.

To take full advantage of the Fire HD 8, it is preferable to be a subscriber to Amazon and/or Amazon Prime.

We appreciate the HD 8 for its autonomy, its storage capacity and its screen is of good quality.

Dimensions and weight : 8 inches and 314 g.
Memory : 16 gb or 32 Gb (expandable up to 256 Gb).
Wi-Fi : yes.
Bluetooth : yes.
Camera : 2mp rear, VGA front (0,3 Mp).

3. iPad 10.2 inch (2019) .

Nouvel Apple iPad 10,2 pouces (2019)

Apple has, once again, managed to create a tablet sensational. If you have the model of 9.7-inch, then you have no reason to upgrade to the 10.2-inch, if not for the size.

In fact, here the screen is bigger but that is not all, a Smart Connector has been added, and Apple has improved its iPad new generation with the establishment of a system to the tablet, the iPadOS.

It is a iPad versatile, with which you or your child will benefit fully from Apple Arcade.

Dimensions and weight : 10.2 inch and 483 g.
Chip : A10 Fusion.
Memory : 32 Gb or 128 Gb.
Wi-Fi : yes.
Bluetooth : yes.
Camera : 8 Mp rear and 1.2 Mp front.

4. Apple iPad mini (2019) .

iPad mini (2019)

The iPad mini is the smallest tablet on the family iPad but it is not as fast, in fact, Apple was even with its last bullet, the A12 Bionic.

Of course, there is no revolution on the side of the design but its compatibility with the Apple Pencil and autonomy improved, give a second breath to the iPad mini.

Dimensions and weight : 7.9-inch and 300,5 g.
Chip : A12 Bionic.
Memory : 64 Gb or 256 Gb.
Wi-Fi : yes.
Bluetooth : yes.
Camera : 8 Mp rear and 7 Mpx front.

5. Kurio Tab 2 Gulli .

Kurio Tab 2

The Kurio Tab 2 is an Android tablet designed for kids. The latter will appreciate the games, the audio books included..

It is also possible to create multiple profiles, for each of your children, and if you want, you can activate the parental control.

Finally, keep in mind that this tablet integrates the Body Motion Controller, thanks to it your toddler will enjoy via his gestures and the movements of her body.

The only drawback of this tablet is its screen which is, in our opinion, of lower quality than its competitors.

Dimensions and weight : 7-inch and 0.58 kg.
Memory : 8 Gb .
Wi-Fi : yes.
Camera : 2 Mpx.

Find a tablet adapted to the age of the child.

The choice of a tablet depends, in the first place, the age of your child. For example, the education tablet Storio Max is very suitable for children of 3 to 6 years.

Beyond 6 years of age, children are more attracted to tablets, the design is more sophisticated.

An offer of a tablet for children limited.

There are little shelves for children on the market. If you do not find the tablet that would appeal to your toddler, then you can offer him a tablet for adults and enable parental control.

If you think tablets Amazon, be aware that these provide access to the services and applications Amazon and third-party, and do not support Google Play Store.

With regard to applications for children available on Android smartphones and tablets and iPad, the choice is not missing.

The characteristics of the tablets.

Most of the tablets aimed at children were of pre-installed games, and search engine safe.

As it was mentioned above, the tablets Amazon allow you to create different user accounts, you can protect by password. Each member of the family has access to its contents (books, games, apps, movies, etc.).

It is possible to program time slots to use, so that your child does not remain immersed in a game for hours.

With the purchase of a tablet, take into account the size of the latter. For example, for younger children, prefer tablets with 7 inch so that they can properly maintain it in their little hands.

The longevity of the battery is also a element to take into consideration, often the tablets for children have a range of 5 to 6 hours.

Finally, the storage space is important so that you and your child can back up photos, videos, music. Make sure that the model of tablet coveted is provided with a slot for a micro SD card.