The best speakers connected with touch screen (2020).


Buying Guide : speaker connected to screen.

One of the latest trends in the world of home automation is the enclosure connected to the screen. It is composed of a touch screen, in general, a non-adjustable, the base of which is equipped with speakers for audio. There are also microphones for you to voice control, some of which may include a camera.

On the market, there are models of different shapes, sizes and different price points.

In this field, Amazon has led the way with the Echo Show, as it has done with the pregnant intelligent. Others, such as Google have followed since then, its main competitor.

In addition to the specifications unique to each screen, you will need to make a choice between Alexa and Google Assistant, which will also depend on if you have other devices with the same ecosystem as, or compatible with.

Feel free to check the list of applications and compatible partners with Google and Amazon.

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1. Google Nest Hub Max .


The Nest Hub Max features the same design as that of the standard model, the Nest Hub. Simple and elegant, it combines always of plastic material and fabric.

Its 10-inch screen has a resolution HD (1280 x 720) and it is equipped with an ambient light sensor EQ so that the display adapts automatically to the environment.

It has a camera through which you can make video calls, it is also possible to use the Google Duo to contact your friends and leave a message.

Thanks to his Nest Cam 127 degrees, keep a close watch near or far your house. In case of movement or noise, you will receive an alert directly on your phone.

Finally, the Nest Hub Max is also able to recognize up to 6 different users.

2. Amazon Echo Show 8 .

Amazon Echo Show 8

It does may not be a hub Zigbee, as the Echo More, but the Echo Show 8 provides the best balance between features, screen size (8 inch, HD touch) and audio quality (stereo sound).

With The Echo Show 8, and Alexa, watch videos, view the lyrics of your songs Amazon Music, set alarms and timers, scroll through your photos, ask Alexa to give you the weather, news traffic..

3. Amazon Echo Show 5 .

Amazon Echo Show 5

For 10 € less than the Lenovo Smart Clock, the Amazon Echo Show 5 has a few key features that might convince you, such as its Bluetooth connection and camera.

Its screen (5.5-inch) is a tad small for watching videos, but it is a great size for a bedside table.

You will also appreciate its cache-in camera and the ability to turn off the microphones in order to protect your private life.

Note that as the product Amazon it does not include Google and its services, but the Echo Show 5 is compatible with security cameras Ring and Nest.

4. Google Is The Hub .

Google Nest Hub

It may not be perfect, but we believe that the Nest Hub of Google, with Google Assistant, is an excellent gadget home automation. It does not exceed 130 € and his side compact and stylish makes it unobtrusive in any room of your home.

The advantage of the Nest Hub is its superb screen on which voice assistant can also well show not tell. We find it perfect for watching videos, listening to music (radio, Deezer, Spotify..), give the weather, etc

By cons, we regret the lack of camera and audio performance a little below.

5. Lenovo Smart Clock .

Lenovo Smart Clock

The Smart Clock of Lenovo is quite simple, but its design is neat. Its interface is easy to use and its features such as the control of the brightness of the screen (a clarification as such as a warning light) to make it singular.

Although it integrates the Bluetooth 5, it does not really support the Bluetooth since it is not possible to pair it to another device.

6. Lenovo Smart Display .

Lenovo Smart Display

The Smart Display of Lenovo is an impressive speaker screen Google third. Moreover, it is very likely that you approach between this model and the Nust Hub, but also between its various larger sizes (8 inch HD 10-inch Full HD). Note also that it is equipped with a camera for video calls and has a speaker with nice bass.

The screen is gorgeous for videos travel, recipes, diy, etc

Thanks to the integration of the AI of Google, you can access the YouTube videos of your choice, what Show doesn’t. Also, be aware that it includes Chromecast.

7. Echo Show the 2nd generation .

Amazon Echo Show (2ème génération)

It is expensive but the Echo Show 2nd generation is a good update of the original model. It allows you to call your contacts equipped to Alexa, to do research online or even watch Amazon Prime Video.

It looks like a tablet but is not one of them, then remember that it needs to be plug in.

The audio is decent and the screen is of a good size, but unless you want a screen or have the ability to call other Show, the Echo, or the Echo could be sufficient.