The best software of video capture for PC (2020).


The game world has evolved considerably, the quality of the graphics is better and users more interested in different style of gaming.

Video games are becoming more popular than either on YouTube or on streaming services such as Twitch.

For beginners, we recommend the programs of streaming and video capture as well, since some, such as OBS Studio or ShadowPlay from Nvidia are easy to use and free. The price of video equipment itself begins around a hundred euros.

The drawback with the software is that your PC performance will be slowed down, since the latter will ask for your CPU and your GPU to record, encode and broadcast your parties, but also to feed into the game itself. However, you should not encounter this kind of problems with models of the newer computers.

You can install the Elgato Game Capture HD60 (also on Amazon, a Baker or a Corsair) this way all will be managed by a hardware external, and your PC will not lose its effectiveness.

If you are a novice and you are looking for a simple way to video record your gameplay, then leave the expensive equipment to the professionals, and lean rather to an online service.

In this article, we offer you the three best recording programs and video games, two of which are free.

1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) .


Open Broadcaster Software is often called OBS is a software for video capture and live streaming with the free, open-source. It allows you to back up video the gameplay simultaneous with its transmission on the online services (YouTube, Facebook Live, or Twitch).

Once decried as being a software that’s too complex, OBS has since been updated and improved interface. It is now more modern and easy to use.

With OBS, create different page layouts for each game, include new graphics, the video stream of a live webcam and add comments during your live. It is also enabled to mix the audio from your videos in real-time. Finally, thanks to its Studio Mode, you can preview your scenes, even before your followers can see them.

2. Nvidia ShadowPlay .

Nvidia ShadowPlay

If your computer already has a Nvidia graphics card then download the program Nvidia ShadowPlay. It is an optional element of GeForce Experience and it’s an easy way to capture and broadcast your gaming sessions live.

ShadowPlay is within the reach of all, it offers records snapshots (360°, HDR, Stereo) that you can then share, in the form of a GIF or not, on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitch.

Save also manually sequences with your keyboard, by resolution Ultra HD 4K 60 frames per seconds. Also, be aware, that you have the ability to customize your gameplay (the list of compatible games) with the many filters available

3. XSplit Gamecaster .

XSplit Gamecaster

Unlike the two previous programs, XSplit Gamecaster software is a Premium subscription fee starts at 8,32 $/month (7,66 €) for 3 months.

Certainly XSplit Gamecaster represents a certain cost. However, you enjoy a complete interface and easy to use. Moreover, Xplit features such as recording gameplay, and support for live streaming on several platforms popular. And, thanks to the overlay in-game, you will not have to leave your session.

Also add cats, alerts, subscriber, different scenes, and draw on the gameplay. Once your capture is complete, you can share it directly to YouTube without having to leave XSplit Gamecaster.

If you are having problems, then please do not hesitate to call on the support which is available 24h/24, or follow the video tutorials.