The best smartphones Motorola (2020).


The Motorola is back on the smartphone market, and they have nothing to envy of their competitors.

The american brand, which was acquired by Lenovo, has decided to focus on the design of its devices, it wants to be consistent and harmonious.

Also, Motorola offers a wide range of products which can satisfy all the tastes and all the purses.

If you want a good smartphone, without breaking your piggy bank, you can direct you to the series Motorola G.

If you are looking for a mobile phone top of the range, then look at the side of the Motorola series Z or X.

The Z-line is very interesting because it is compatible with the Bike Mods. These are interchangeable modules (optical zoom, external battery, projector, speaker) that is added to the back of the smartphone.

Motorola heralds the return of the smartphone foldable, for more information please do not hesitate to take a look at our article dedicated to the Motorola Razr.

1. Moto G7 .


The Bike G7 is not only the best phone Moto G to this day, it is also the best mid-range you will find.

Of course, you can spend more than double for a OnePlus 6T. If you don’t need at any price a powerful smartphone with a screen and cameras ultra sophisticated, while the G7 will satisfy you.

It runs on Android 9 Walk and its battery has a good battery life, all in all the Bike G7 is very effective.

The model G7 with back ceramic is exclusive on Amazon.

2. Motorola One Action .

Motorola One Action

The One Action has many benefits and this against the selling price is rather affordable. It is powerful, it has a large storage space as well as a large screen of 6.3 inches, which sometimes makes it difficult to use.

The One Action is a smartphone dedicated to the photo and the video. Although it has a good stabilization and that it takes landscape pictures while keeping it vertically, it has a resolution of only 1080p. It should also be added that it has only one index, IPX2, as much as to say that he is worried about any liquid.

3. Motorola One Vision .

Motorola One Vision

The Motorola One Vision was not that a superb design and a premium finish, it also has very good technical characteristics.

Its screen FHD+ 6.4 inches is beautiful and the format 21:9 is perfect not only for those who enjoy watching movies and series from their smartphone, but also users with small hands.

Its photo sensor 48 Mp will allow you to take great shots especially if you use it with one of the many modes photos.

4. Bike G7 More .

Moto G7 Plus

The Bike G7 Plus is a fantastic mid-range smartphone. However, it is a pity that for Most, it does not have a large screen or battery that most of the models of the same category.

But, it embeds the technology of optical stabilization, fast-charging and stereo speakers. It also includes a port USB Type-C, as well as a Jack.

5. Bike G7 Power .

Moto G7 Power

The G7 Power carries a Pure version of Android, it is an alternative rather interesting for users who are not tempted by a Huawei or Honor (in the same price class). Its huge battery (5000 mAh) guarantees an autonomy honourable two days or even three days.

6. Bike G7 Play .

Moto G7 Play

The G7 Play is a strong smartphone, it is certainly devoid of high-quality components, but it offers a mobile experience is fluid, no slowdown, even when playing demanding games.

The manufacturing quality is excellent. Despite a plastic design on the back, it has very beautiful finishes that give it a look more upscale.

Of course, it is necessary to make concessions on a smartphone for less than 250 €, and in the case of the G7 Play, these are the modules photos. Although the shots are generally very bright, the absence of an autofocus system decent give less oomph to your photos.

Nevertheless, the Moto G7 Play remains a remarkable smartphone for this price.

7. Moto G6 .

Moto G6

For less than $ 250, the Motorola G6 manages to combine a beautiful design, and quite good technical characteristics.

It is equipped with a screen 18:9, a fingerprint reader and camera, double sensors (12 Mp and 5 Mp).

Its battery is quite decent, and if it is not airtight, the G6 is at least water resistant.

Note that there are two versions of this smartphone, one with 3 Gb RAM and 32 Gb storage, the other, exclusively on Amazon, with 4 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of storage.

8. Moto E6 More .

Moto E6 Plus

The Moto E6 is a phone stylish with the traits of a Premium. For less than 200 €, you get a big screen, a fingerprint reader, a solid removable battery (which is very rare on smartphones) and a Jack !

Finally, you will enjoy the possibility to increase the storage space with a microSD card.

9. Motorcycle E5 .

Moto E5

On the market of the mid-range, small prices, the Moto E5 is one of the best smartphones.

It has many characteristics that are very valuable such as a screen, IPS 5.7 inches, camera 13 Mpx, a fingerprint reader, and a battery of self-satisfaction.

It is a smartphone with a sound design and good performance.

10. Moto G6 Play .

Moto G6 Play

The Moto G6 Play we were very pleasantly surprised and, even compared to the other two models in the range G6, it doesn’t have to be ashamed of its performance.

Its battery lasts also longer than the latter, and its design is more accommodating (the fingerprint reader is at the back of the phone).

Level connections, it has a jack and can be recharged via micro-USB.