The best smartphones Honor (2020).


Honor is in the process of making a name on the global market for smartphones. Property of Huawei, Honor equips their phones with the same features as the Huawei, but at more advantageous prices.

To help you make a choice, we’ve rounded up the best phones Honor currently available.

1. Honor View 20 .


The Honor View 20 has a stunning design and it from any angle. Whether at the front with a small punch, which houses the sensor selfie, its gorgeous screen, or in the rear, with its effects of light in the shape of a V.

With a processor Kirin 980, powered by a RAM of 6 Gb (or 8 Gb), this Honor is very powerful. It can even be compared to the latest flagships of other brands, sold at a higher price, as the Mate 20 Pro Huawei.

His objective picture of 48 Mp gives incredible results, especially those obtained with the mode HAVE Ultra Clarity.

It has the technical characteristics are debatable and a very stylish design, all of this is offered at a lower price than its rivals.

It still lacks a few features such as wireless charging and sealing, but for the rest there is nothing to say about the View 20.

2. Honor 20 .

Honor 20

The design of the Honor 20 is almost identical to that of its predecessors, with the exception of the 4 embedded sensors in the rear. In addition, thanks to a notch in the punch, placed on the left side of its LCD screen of a 6.26-inch, the Honor has a very beautiful screen, edge to edge.

On its left side, you will find a slot dual-SIM, and on his right is a fingerprint reader directly integrated into the start button.

Side battery, its capacity is 3, 750 mAh, enough to take advantage of your smartphone throughout the day. It is more powerful than the Google Pixel 3a, on the other hand its updates are not as fast.

Despite the lack of a headphone socket and its incompatibility with the wireless charging, the Honor 20 has nice things to offer such as its photo sensors.

3. Honor 10 .

Honor 10

The Honor 10 is surprising, it offers a storage space of 128 Gb for a standard design, good performance, a headphone jack, a slot dual SIM. You get here one of the best phones of mid-range.

Its design is neat, the hull is glass, the screen is framed by borders curved, and occupies almost the entire surface of the phone.

A large part of the characteristics of the Honor of 10, as its display Full View of 5.8-inch, dual sensor photo IA 24/16 Mp, its facial recognition technology and front camera of 24 Mp, are at the same level as those of a smartphone that is worth twice its price.

4. Honor 10 Lite .

Honor 10 Lite

The Honor 10 Lite is a very good smartphone. For less than 230 €, you get a phone with a battery formidably staying power (3400 mAh) for its price range, a wide-screen (6,21 inches) and a dual-sensor rear camera.

Certainly its design is in plastic and its cameras are not the best shots, whether they are in low light, but the performance of 10 Lite are excellent.

5. Honor 9X .

Honor 9X

In appearance, with its lovely design sapphire blue (or black), slightly curved, and its LCD screen 6.59 inch, without notch, we have a hard time believing that the Honor 9X or a cell phone at less than $ 250.

In its top there is a hidden objective to selfie popup, similar to the Xiaomi Mi 9T or the OnePlus 7 Pro.

On the back, it is equipped with three objectives, the primary sensor is 48 Mp, the second is a wide-angle 8 Mp, and the third with 2 Mp manages the depth of field.

Under its hood, it is equipped with cpu Kirin 710 Huawei, 4 Gb RAM and 128 Gb of storage. If this is not enough, nothing prevents you from increasing it up to 640 Gb with a microSD card of 512 Gb.

6. Honor 20, Pro .

Honor 20 Pro

On the design side, the Honor 20 Pro looks like as two drops of water at Honor 20, but it is distinguished by its two colours : Phantom Blue-Phantom-Black.
It is equipped with a screen edge-to-edge Full-HD-LCD+ of a 6.26-inch, which is achieved with the notch punch is located on the upper left side.

On the back, there, too, unlike its predecessor, it comes with a camera, four goals of 48 Mp, 16 Mp, 8 Mp and 2 Mp. To the front, sensor for selfies is 32 Mp with a 3x optical zoom.

If you’re a fan of videos, be aware that with the Honor 20 Pro, you will enjoy the 4K.

For components, it is equipped with the chip Kirin 980 also found on other models Huawei. Its battery has a capacity of 4 000 mAh, enough to last more than a day without charging.

7. Honor Play .

Honor Play

A little less than 330 €, it is very easy to recommend the Honor Play. The display is not as good as that of a Razer Phone, or an Asus ROG, but the Play still delivers first-class performance.

Its technical characteristics are almost identical to those of the Honor 10 and the Huawei P20, although it should be noted that the chassis is metal and not glass, for example.

By contrast, if the performance of shooting with a phone, you are essential, then the Honor Play is not for you.

All in all, the Honor Play is a phone gamer that may be of interest to players who do not want to spend too much.

8. Honor 8X .

Honor 8X

Although it costs less than 300 €, the Honor 8X looks and acts almost like a high-end smartphone. It has a beautiful shell glass and a stunning display of 6.5-inch FHD+, with a notch in which is housed its camera of 20Mp.

The Honor 8X offers advanced features, including facial recognition that works well in most environments and in spite of the performance is questionable when running demanding applications, it should be more than enough for normal use and gaming.

To know the Honor8x in its slightest details, see our full test.

9. Honor 20 Lite .

Honor 20 Lite

The Honor 20 Lite is a safe value, its general performance and its three cameras are decent (on the other hand, the images of night are rendered mediocre). Its screen of 6.2 inches and its display is rather satisfactory.

You should know that it is equipped with a mini-jack, a micro-USB port, and that it is not waterproof. Its battery (3400 mAh) you will take a day or even beyond.

10. Honor View 10 .

Honor View 10

If the Honor 10 you don’t like, then it may be that the Honor View 10 the could. His style is similar to that of the Honor 8 Pro.

With the View 10, Honor’d prefer to put the emphasis on its AI software and its operating system (Android Oreo) rather than on the design.

The Honor View 10 is a good product especially if you want a dual photo sensor to be effective (similar to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro) and a large screen.