The best simulators of dawn (2020).


If you find that, every morning, you wake up still tired and dazed (especially during winter) then there is nothing better than a sunrise simulator to help wake you up in shape and start the day off on the right foot.

What are alarm clocks and lamps to the times, gadgets, hybrids are designed to get you out of sleep with a continuous accumulation of light, which is similar to the sunrise. Their hue changes from red, orange to yellow then to a bright white.

The idea is that your body responds to the increasing light, even during your sleep, he prepares then to wake up feeling naturally fresh.

To know what criteria to look at before purchasing a sunrise simulator, go through our buying guide explanatory.

1. Philips Somneo Sleep .


The awakening light Somneo Philips is without doubt the best sunrise simulator on the market, but it is hampered by its high price.

Instead of physical buttons, its controls are tactile, they are placed on the screen bright, with these customize your settings for sunrise and sunset.

You will enjoy 25 levels of brightness but also of sounds evoking nature, gongs, buddhist or FM radio.

It is possible to preset 2 alarms, but not for specific days. So don’t forget to turn off your alarm before the weekend.

In addition to mode sunset for you to doze off, Somneo Sleep incorporates a method of breathing that is guided by the light.

In addition to this is a button to enable a soft light to enlighten you in the dark, an AUX input and a USB slot‑A.

With the Somneo Sleep, Philips has been able to achieve a product where there is a perfect harmony between design and functionality.

2. Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 .

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

The Bodyclock Shine 300 Games has everything you need. It’ll wake you up gently with a mixture of sounds and lights.

It is equipped with LED mixed that combine white-hot, the orange and red in order to recreate the best of the twilight and the rising of the sun. Note that these LEDS are not blinding and change gradually over a period of 15 to 90 minutes, with 20 different levels.

Your alarm can be a simple beep or pre-arranged sounds like a steam train, the purr of a cat, white noise, or even the FM band.

Note that if you turn it off on the mains, all settings will be reset to the factory settings..

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3. Lenovo Smart Clock .

Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is actually a mini connected screen, integrating the Wizard Google. However, it can also be used as a simulator of dawn rudimentary that the touch screen lights up slowly before the alarm rings.

It is not as shiny as the other products in this roundup, and its tone varies much less. It is unlikely, therefore, that this Smart Clock does Lenovo wakes you up completely, but it will help you.

Nevertheless, you get all the other features of the Wizard Google : voice commands, calendar, weather, music, FM band, etc

4. Lumie Zest Lamp of Luminotherapie .

Lumie zest-simulateur d'aube et lampe de luminothérapie

The Lumie Zest is a lamp and light therapy (classified as IIa) which lights up gradually to awaken you, including white LEDS, enriched in blue, mimic the natural light of the day.

The Zest has an intensity of 10 000 lux and brightness levels adjustable according to your preferences. You have an option of a sunrise 15 or 30 minutes and repeat alarm. Please be aware that no other sound that the beep is not proposed. Although this lamp is compact, note that it must remain plugged in.

Admittedly, it has few functions, but this hybrid could convince the users who wish to try light therapy.

5. Amazon Echo Show 5 .

Amazon Echo Show 5

Just like the Lenovo Smart Clock, the Echo Show 5 Amazon is not a sunrise simulator in the strict sense of the term.

In the other hand, the ignition light gives a lift of the sun via its LCD screen (5.5 inches), and is triggered 15 minutes before the alarm programmed, but note that it only applies to those established between 4 and 9 o’clock in the morning.

This function, as well as the tones that can be adjusted to gradually increase the volume, should help a gentle wake-up.

The same remarks regarding the Lenovo Smart Clock apply to the Echo Show 5, let’s not forget that you can control the Echo Show 5 via its touch screen, or the sound of your voice.

The speaker is powerful enough to fill your room with music, and stream from your smartphone via a Bluetooth pairing.

Finally, the Echo Show 5 is equipped with a camera and a microphone ; if you are concerned about your privacy, then you simply slide the cover-camera, and cut off the microphone.

6. Lumie Bodyclock Luxury 700FM .

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700FM

In the top of the basket simulators dawn is the Bodyclock Luxury, it is equipped with an FM radio, a Bluetooth connection, from more than 20 sound settings to simulate the sunrise and sunset and a blue light for bedtime.

The implementation of the alarms is quite easy and you can set them on different days. The duration of each mode dawn and dusk is adjustable and this Games includes a wide range of white noise.

The actual light is extremely hot and mimics very well the setting sun thanks to the combination of the color LED.

Its Bluetooth connection enables you to play your own audio tracks and it is this that is inflating the price of the Bodyclock Luxury. If you don’t need, then we recommend the Bodyclock Shine 300.

7. Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 .

Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100

Here is another product Lumie of the range Bodyclock, even less expensive, the simulator Spark 100. It can help you fall asleep and to wake you up, its light’s intensity is customizable, and it lasts 30 minutes (not editable).

Be aware that it offers a beep sound and no ambient sound or radio transmitter FM.

What we regret the most is the inability to program different alarms, remember to do so each evening.

We, the Spark 100 is especially suited to users loving the simple things.

8. Awakening Light Philips .

Philips Eveil Lumière

The Awakening Light from Philips is one of the most beautiful simulators dawn of this selection, and this by its great interface light, which is naturally a shade hot to another (red, orange, yellow).

This lamp Philips includes an FM radio and a list of natural sounds for the alarm clock. However, only seven options are available on this Philips..

If you wake up in the night then tap 2 times on the lamp, a discrete orange LED will be activated, you will know and guide them in the darkness. The brightness of the screen adjusts automatically according to the ambient atmosphere.

Buying Guide simulators dawn.

The simulators of the blade are not equal, before you decide there are a few key features to take into account, especially in regard to customization.

Settings of the lighting.

The first criterion to look at is the level of control you have on the actual light. The simulators of the blade base allow you to set your alarm and it is almost everything. With the more expensive models, you can choose the light intensity, for example the Philips Somneo features 25 intensity, or the duration of the effect from the rising of the sun.

The sound settings.

The sound settings are not to be neglected and are very important to the customization of the light. While the simulators dawn have a role to revive you naturally with a soft light, it is understandable that most users are afraid to go back to sleep. Because of this, the simulators, which include an optional audio alarm.

What is important is to examine the different options available to you. Alarms simple can simply include a beep sound, but this type of noise brutal is probably what you want to avoid.

There are many models that provide a range of sound effects soothing (such as bird songs), FM radio.. or an AUX input for connecting your phone and you wake up with.

Mode sunset.

We also believe that it is necessary to take account of the optional modes of a sunset, that are the inverse of the alarm light. Which means that it darkens slowly to help you get to sleep.

Therefore, we advise you to check if the model that interests include sound effects or modes based on breathing.

Other features.

Finally, there are other simple functions that could seduce you. Some of which are only alarms, but this is not guaranteed, such as the Snooze mode or the programming of alarms for specific days.

There are also simulators equipped with USB ports to charge your phone, and models that can serve as a nightlight or bedside lamp.

Lamps for light therapy.

Finally, it must not be confused with simulators dawn with the lights. They are designed to treat the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (sad) and should emit at least 2,500 lux in order to be certified medically for this purpose.

Many simulators dawn have been clinically tested and have demonstrated their effectiveness against the symptoms of PILES and other disorders seasonal, but they are only a complement to a light PILE appropriate and not a replacement.