The best shells for the Sony Xperia X.


The Sony Xperia X is simple, elegant, and ..fragile. Here are the best cases and covers to prevent damage to your smartphone.

1. Etui Cadorabo Sony Xperia X .


The Cadorabo is a case in imitation leather to the format flip, which folds completely.

Inside is a plastic shell, in which you have to slide your Sony Xperia X. The inner lining is in fabric to protect gently into your screen.

The only negative point is that this case has no slot for credit cards or travel tickets.

The Cadorabo is offered in several colors, enough to satisfy all tastes.

2. Sony 1301-5608 Etui for Sony Xperia X .

Etui 1301-5608 de Sony

Thecase 1301-5608 Sony dedicated Xperia X is super-convenient. It covers your smartphone and lets you use your apps, take selfies, even though it is closed. Therefore, you will not need to open its flap.

3. Shell Xperia X Ringke .

Coque Xperia X Ringke Fusion

Clean, simple, functional and cheap. With the Ringke, you can get a very good hull for less than 10 €.

It protects your Xperia X from scratches and falls thanks to its back in polycarbonate and its TPU (thermoplastic) which absorbs shocks. In addition, it ensures that the dust and dirt from infiltrating not in the various ports of your smartphone.

Be aware that you can customize your shell by using the images included in the package.

4. Tech21 Evo Wallet .

coque Evo Wallet de Tech21

The hull Evo Wallet Tech21 will provide maximum protection to the glass back of your sony Xperia X. Its flap, him, will keep the screen clear of all stripes.

In the lining soft microfibre, you can slide your credit card or a metro ticket.

The edges of the Evo are rubber and do not block access to the power button and to the outputs.

5. Hull protection ArmourDillo .

Coque de protection ArmourDillo Xperia X Exoskeleton

The shell of protection ArmourDillo from Olixar includes very subtle way a stand that folds out so that you can watch your content in landscape mode.

The exoskeleton polycarbonate provides impact resistance, and thanks to its two layers of protection, your smartphone is kept safe from scratches.

If you want to change your style, you can remove the plastic part hard, and keep only the rubber (and vice versa).

6. Case Caseable Xperia X .

Etui Caseable Xperia X

The brand Caseable offers full cases and shells for smartphones (and tablets, and Kindle e-book reader or computer) to design highly original, colourful and handmade in Germany.

If no color you like, why not create your own case and make it unique.

7. Coque de protection Case-Mate Barely There .

Coque de protection Case-Mate Barely There

If you prefer the shells are transparent, then there is the Case-Mate Barely There. Despite its lightness and finesse, it will protect your Sony Xperia X of all shocks daily.

The corners are prominent and rounded to soften falls accidental.

8. Protective shell Xperia X JandD .

Coque de protection Xperia X JandD

JandD is a different type of case very robust, designed for the Xperia X. It promises protection against a sudden and scratches thanks to its exterior coating, silicone and polycarbonate.

Just like the ArmourDillo from Olixar (n°5 of this buying guide), it also comes with a bracket to hold your device in a horizontal position.

9. Snakehive leather Case portfolio .

Snakehive Etui portefeuille pour Sony Xperia X

Are you looking for elegance ? Then, this case portfolio Snakehive may be the one you need.

Made of nubuck leather full flower, it will absorb shocks and keep warm your credit card or your tickets within its internal pockets.

You will also have access to the ports without having to remove the Snakehive.