The best shells for the iPhone X.


For your iPhone X, we have gathered for you the best cases and protective shells available.

1. Apple iPhone X Silicone Case .


Available in 12 colours, this silicone shell combines protection and comfort of use. Its design is simple, faithful to Apple.

The edges of the hull back a little on the front of the phone which protects the screen slightly.

This shell is compatible with wireless recharging, which means that you don’t have to remove it to recharge your phone.

2. Apple iPhone X Leather Case .

Coque en cuir pour iPhone X d'Apple

The leather shell for iPhone X Apple is elegant and refined.

Like the previous model, its interior is microfiber and its edge back discreetly on the front of the phone.

The leather shell for iPhone X Apple is available in 9 colours (Havana is our favorite) and it is compatible with the wireless charging.

3. Apple iPhone X Leather Folio .

Étui folio en cuir pour iPhone X

Holster folio leather case for iPhone X is the shell of protection the more expensive Apple.

Its particularity is to have a leather flap, which, in addition to protecting the screen, allows you to store your bank cards, tickets and other receipts.

In addition, the phone turns on and goes into standby automatically when you open and close its flap.

4. Ted Baker for iPhone X .

Ted Baker for iPhone XS/X

Ted Baker is a clothing brand in the uk that has its own array of accessories for smartphones.

We particularly like this case for the iPhone X because it is light, sophisticated and that it includes a small mirror to the inside of its flap.

5. Vision Series for iPhone X .

Vision Series for iPhone XS/X

Hulls Vision Series of Snugg offer excellent impact protection for your iPhone X and that is without being too thick (or ugly).

The rear of the hull is made of a flexible silicone-transparent (TPU) and its structure is in polycarbonate. Solid but lightweight.

Bonus, this product is guaranteed for life, so if you have a problem with the latter, you can exchange it or replace it without problem.

6. Pulse Series .

Pulse Series

The Pulse Series of the Snugg to protect the iPhone X using a TPU end and flexible.

In contrast to the Vision range, the shells of this series are neither transparent nor smooth. The back of the accessory is ribbed which allows for a better grip of the phone.

Like the other models of the brand, this seat is compatible with the wireless recharging.

7. Mujjo Full Leather iPhone X .

Mujjo Étui de protection en cuir

Mujjo has completely renewed its range of cases in leather, and now uses a new casting system that allows you to create products that are perfectly adjusted.

Each hull of the mark is covered with a full-grain leather, and their edges are 1 mm above the phone.

8. Snakehive iPhone X Collections .

Snakehive iPhone XS/X Collections

Snakehive has a large collection of iPhone X and they are available, in France, on Amazon.

We particularly like named templates Vintage, since they are nubuck leather and they are used to the faith of case, door card and a vertical support.

9. Olixar X-Store iPhone X Survival Check .

Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case

In addition to protect your very expensive smartphone in the event of a fall, this case contains a mini multi-tool : screwdrivers, can opener, knife..

If MacGyver had an iPhone X, he would buy this hull.

10. Speck Presidio for iPhone X .

Speck Presidio for iPhone XS/X

Built to withstand drops of 3 meters, the hulls of the range Presidio are light and relatively thin (for such protection).

This model comes in 11 colors, from black basic pink sequined.

11. Tech21 Evo Tactical for iPhone X .

Tech21 Evo Tactical for iPhone X

The hull Evo Tactical from Tech21 also ensures protection against drops of 3 meters and its design gross futuristic we like. Simply.

12. Shell Shell of Nodus .

Coque Shell de Nodus

Nodus offers great iPhone, including the Shell which is suitable for both models X and XS. Italian leather with vegetable tanning, the latter has a high-quality finish. In addition, it is created from a material, polycarbonate, for better shock absorption.

This hull Shell is available in several colors : brown, dark green, taupe and black. The brand also provides a magnetic medium, the Microdock II, which allows you to hang your iPhone just about anywhere.

13. Noreve .

Noreve coque en cuir

Noreve is a French brand that came straight from St Tropez. It creates the shells and cases for the top quality full grain leather or polyurethane, for iOS, tablets and e-readers, AirPods, cameras..

They are refined, lightweight as well as robust to give your smartphone the protection it needs.

You can customize your model by choosing from among 14 colors, 10 finishes (synthetic, sleek, nubuck, Saffiano..) and add a compartment for cards or an easel on the back.

14. Hull Capto Slim Moshi .

Coque Capto Slim de Moshi

The hull Capto Slim brand Moshi, both fine and delicate, and is equipped with the technology MultiStrap. You can use this strap for a better grip of your iPhone, but also to support “crutch” to keep it on a desk and watch a movie.

It offers protection to military standards to ensure that your smartphone is resistant to falls (up to 1.20 m in height).

It is available in black and raspberry on the website of Moshi.

15. Casetify .

Casetify iPhone XS Cases

Casetify offers a superb range of hull colors and patterns attractive to give pep to your iPhone.

A collection Pokémon has even recently been launched, so you can customize your case with the character of your choice.

Its shells are manufactured with an innovative material, called the QiTech. It provides an additional resistance to shock and grip is more secure thanks to the rubber grips.

16. Pitaka MagCase .

Pitaka MagCase

The hull Pitaka Magcase is both lightweight and durable. It was made from a fiber 100 % aramid, which is commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Its minimalist design and elegant is coated with three layers to allow for a good fit, as well as excellent durability. For even more robustness, it is also equipped with additional protection at its four corners.

It is available in the colors black/grey, black/yellow, black/gold, pink, black/red, or red/orange on Amazon.