The best shells for Samsung Galaxy S9.


The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are the flagship products of Samsung. With selling prices ranging from approximately 900 € to 1 000 €, it is certain that you want to offer your smartphone the ultimate protection.

Here are 13 cases to protect your Galaxy S9 shocks daily.

1. Case with flap Samsung Clear View .


If you are looking for case perfect, then you can rely on the case the official Samsung. The Clear View is a standard model from Samsung, and can even protect the Galaxy S8, S8+, or the Galaxy Note 8.

The front cover is translucent, which is very convenient to keep an eye on your notifications. This is not all, it is also tactile, so you can access certain features, like answer or reject calls.

2. Case Hyperknit .

Étui Hyperknit

We also appreciate the holster Hyperknit developed by Samsung. It offers a textured surface (similar to the fabric of sneakers) and promises a protection edge to edge. This lightweight case is also compatible with wireless charging Qi.

3. Case Poetic Robust Revolution .

Étui Poetic Robuste Revolution

The Poetic Robust Revolution includes a screen protector. It is not tempered glass so that it is flexible like plastic.

This protection is very strong to front and rear. We appreciated the fact that the edges are rubberised for a better grip and hand position.

Its plus is that it is compatible with wireless charging, so you don’t need to remove it.

4. Holster Folio leather Proporta .

Étui Folio en cuir Proporta

Here is another case from Proporta that is worth the detour, the Folio leather and carbon fiber. He will dress with elegance your Samsung, as it is in real leather nappa.

In addition, the cover provides protection for your screen. However, the flap increased a little bit to the case.

And, for those who want to use their phone hands-free kit in their car, be aware that the case is magnetic and compatible with the brackets for the car.

The Proporta works with wireless charging

5. Case slim Galaxy S9 MNML .

Étui mince Galaxy S9 MNML

With its simple style, the MNML (pronounced “minimal”) is designed to highlight the design of the S9.

It is very light and will not show fingerprints. It is available in 3 colours.

6. Hull UAG Plyo .

Coque UAG Plyo

The protection Urban Armour Gear Plyo (UAG for short) is lightweight and robust. It has even passed the military tests of the fall.

A rubber surface covers the buttons and ports of your Samsung, which should prevent the dust or the dirt to intrude.

We appreciate the fact that no trace of fingerprints to be visible.

The Plyo is available in transparent, black and blue and UAG offers a guarantee of 3 years.

7. Hull UAG Monarch .

Coque UAG Monarch

We grant you the UAG Monarch is expensive, but at this price you get a quality insurance protection, surprisingly strong and lightweight.

The advantage of this hull is that it completely covers your smartphone (front and rear). Its edges non-slip provide a very good hold, and even if it slips between the hands, its 5-ply and its performance for the tests the military will protect it.

Even when you succeed to the âbimer, you will receive a warranty of 10 years!!!

8. Case Olixar X-Volume .

Étui Olixar X-Tome

The Olixar X-Tome combines intelligently the charming rococo and high‑tech functionality. The casing of X-Tome of Olixar mimic a hardcover book, leather old.

It promises protection against scratches, but unfortunately does not protect against small impacts.

We love that it closes like a book with magnets placed inside and it has a storage space to put cards, subway tickets, tickets..

9. Case Evo Max Tech21 .

Étui Evo Max Tech21

The Evo Max will protect efficiently your device. It has been tested to prove that the S9 remains unharmed even if dropped from 4 meters high.

In addition, it is thin, even very thin (only 1.4 mm thick) and, in addition, it does not scratch.

The Evo Max is compatible with the charging san‘s thread and it is guaranteed for life.

10. Shell X-Ranger .

Coque X-Ranger

The X-Ranger takes the protection of your Samsung very seriously. This shell is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC) reinforced. In other words, your smartphone will be protected from splashes, shocks and scratches.

To the rear you will find a storage compartment to slide your credit card and a support stand to comfortably watch your videos. It is also provided with a multifunction tool.

The X-Ranger is a 2-year warranty.

11. Hull Mujjo leather .

Coque Mujjo en cuir

The Dutch design company Mujjo makes holsters in high quality leather for high-end smartphones. She has adapted her famous case, designed for iPhone X, for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

The coating of the case is made from full grain leather with an interior in microfibre, to the touch, it is similar to satin.

It has a pouch sewn at the back that can hold two or even three bank cards, or tickets.

The edges of the shell are raised 1 mm above the screen, so that it is not in direct contact with the abrasive surfaces.

It is available in black or olive green.

12. Rigid hull Samsung Alcantara .

Coque rigide Samsung Alcantara

If you want a classical style, and discreet, then protection for Samsung Alcantara is the one for you.

This shell, to-the-touch velour and soft, will be elegantly and lightly on your device

It is designed to protect your phone against shocks, but we recommend that you use a screen protector to protect it from splashes.

Vous can also buy the Alcantara from the Samsung website, where it is available in black, blue, green, and red.

13. Case Krusell 61263 .

Étui Krusell 61263

The Krusell 61263 is a protection in real leather. In addition to the coating treated, the brand has fitted this hull with a lining in microfiber to protect your phone from any alteration. And, thanks to its door‑cards, you can leave your wallet at home.