The best shells for Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10+.


This is the August 7, 2019 as Samsung unveiled its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 10. The device is available in three versions : Note 10 Note 10+ and Note 10 5G. Since the 23rd of August, you can buy your Note 10 from Samsung website.

The Note 10 has a screen of 6.3 inches while the Note 10+ measurement of 6.8 inches. You also get various sensors and photos, and an S pen enhanced. In order to know their differences in details see our comparison, it will also help you to determine the version for you.

Here is a small selection of the best shells for Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. Keep in mind that we have not tried them all, we put this article up to date as of our test.

Shells and holsters Samsung .


Samsung offers several types of holsters and shells for its new flagship, leather, silicone, LED.. The Clear View is particularly useful because it allows you to control music, take calls and see notifications essential without having to open it.

Etui leather Snakehive Samsung Galaxy Note 10 .

Etui cuir Snakehive Galaxy Note 10

Snakehive is one of our favorite brands, it manufactures holsters in high quality leather and sold at prices quite affordable.

Their design is carried out by hand, and leather and nubuck, in the case of the square is made to store 3 cards, and notes. For more customization, ask for your initials to be engraved !

The brand offers cases for the Note 10 (31,95 €) and the Note 10+ (at 32,95 €) in different colours, all stylish one than the other.

Hull Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Olixar effect of carbon fiber .

Coque Olixar effet fibre de carbone

For protection (and style) at all events, orient you towards the products Olixar. The model effect of carbon fiber is made of a made of TPU material soft and appearance carbon will retain your Note 10 or 10+ of any slip of impromptu your hands.

This shell Olixar is also sold from Amazon France.

ESR Shell for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 .

ESR Coque en Silicone pour Samsung Galaxy Note10

ESR has designed shells that are made of tempered glass for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. It promises a hardness of 9H, the highest, which should keep the phone safe from scratches, for example. Its edges flexible TPU guarantees additional protection to your Note 10.

There are also silicone (photo below) with a small kickstand to support it horizontally or vertically, your Note 10.