The best shells for Galaxy S20 and S20 More (2020).


On the occasion of the event Unpacked from February, Samsung has presented its new range of Galaxy S. We then had the pleasure of discovering the Galaxy S20, S20 More and S20 Ultra, whose official release is scheduled for march 13, 2020.

They are all equipped with impressive specifications and a superb design with, for the S20 and S20 More, screens Infinity-O, Dynamic AMOLED display of 6.2 inch and 6.7-inch.

The S20 Ultra is the most powerful of the series and it sports a huge slab of 6.9 inches.

As for the most of the new flagships, their design

all glass makes them vulnerable to falls and shocks. This is why it is important to protect it with quality accessories.

So, even if you do not yet have your Galaxy S20 in hand, there are already excellent holsters on the market. We have created a selection of 8 shells, pouches and holsters designed by manufacturers that we have used to test.

The shells Samsung for the Galaxy S20


There is nothing better that Samsung protect your Galaxy S20 ! Choosing the hulls of the brand, you are sure(e) not to make a mistake.

It offers a range of cases for all models of smartphones and at all prices.

You throw your sights on a simple silicone case from 39,90 €, or opt for protection more sophisticated with the LED and Clear View to 69,90 €, they are all equally effective, and there is something for all tastes !

They are also sold on Amazon.

1. Metal Kickstand for ESR .

ESR Galaxy S20 Metal Kickstand

ESR, as usual, offers accessories of high quality and durable. This is the case of this shell ESR available for Galaxy S20, S20 More and S20 Ultra.

In addition to its solid design accentuated by its TPU material is flexible, on the rear it houses a crutch in metal giving it a usability that is unmatched.

Depending on your use, you can then place your smartphone in the vertical and the horizontal.

In addition, with its raised edge around the screen and the module photo, it offers all of the protection that everyone is entitled to expect.

The hulls ESR are a very good alternative to shells official Samsung. They are less expensive and come in several options (tempered glass, transparent, leather, etc.).

2. Shell Ultra Air Armor Clear Protective by ESR .

Coque Ultra Air Armor Clear Protective de ESR

The shell Ultra Air Armor Clear Protective is dressed in a transparent design created from PC (Polycarbonate) hard and TPU for its framework.

With such a combination of materials, your Galaxy S20 takes advantage of military protection.

By equipping your smartphone with this Ultra Air both rigid and absorbent, you can protect its screen, but also its sensors, scratches and dents.

3. Noreve .

Coque en cuir Noreve Samsung Galaxy S20

Noreve is a brand terrace famous for its shells and cases designed from top quality material.

This cover, folio, leather, for example, provides a complete security to your device without compromising its design. You can even customize it by choosing the finish (smooth, Saffiano, varnish, grained.), its color (black, beige, pink, grey, blue..) and its accessories.

His cuts are meticulous and easy access to the buttons of your Galaxy.

With its flap padded, the Noreve fully protects your smartphone screen up to his back. In addition, the inside of it, you will find two slots for your cards.

4. Otter + Pop Symmetry Series .

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series

Otterbox has become a reference in terms of accessories protection for smartphones.

For the S20, we have chosen the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series, an original model with a PopTop extracting at the rear capable of providing maintenance and support to your phone. It is same interchangeable to suit your tastes and your desires of the moment.

This shell knows how to defend against falls. And for good reason, Otterbox submits its cases to more than 24 tests before certifying them, Drop+.

In addition, it is manufactured from polycarbonate and synthetic rubber. Its borders are raised and beveled to avoid contact of your screen with the ground.


Coque UAG

We grant you, the hull UAG is not the most elegant, however it is one of the most solid and robust of our selection.

With it, you get a protection of quality military in the face of the falls and scratches, which makes it the ideal accessory if you’re working outside.

Due to its honeycomb structure, it is neither oversized nor too heavy, but none the less extremely strong. His hand held is nice because it does not slip.

It is compatible with the wireless charging and NFC.

6. Pure Clear Tech 21 .

Pure Clear Tech 21

Manufactured from plant materials, the Pure Clear is an ultra-thin, transparent, and weighs less than a 24-g.

In addition, the coating resists scratches and prevents yellowing.

They integrate different technologies to ensure excellent protection. The Flex Shock makes it invincible, even after a fall of three metres, and the Bullet Shield ensures absorption of the impact of each.

7. Soft Limitless .

Coque Mous Limitless

The hull Limitless Soft is elegant and refined. She knows how to be discreet in adapting perfectly to the shape of your Galaxy. It is available with different finishes, such as bamboo, leather and walnut wood.

Beyond its design polycarbonate and TPU, it features a Air technology Shock to absorb impacts, to the point of making it almost indestructible.

For even more functionality, due to its magnetic system AutoAlign, this case Soft is compatible with the accessories Limitless 3.0 Soft such as the Card Wallet or even the suction cup Car Wind Mount.

8. Leather case Snakehive .

Housse en cuir Snakehive

The cover Snakekive is made of leather and nubuck european. His cup portfolio gives protection against scratches and everyday dangers.

It closes with a magnetic closure and the inside of the cover there are three slots in which to place your credit cards, for example, as well as a compartment larger to accommodate your notes.

It is available in 7 colours : blue (Vintage Navy), brown (Vintage Chestnut), grey (Vintage Grey), purple (Vintage Plum), turquoise (Vintage Teal), black (Vintage Black) and the green (Vintage Bottle Green).