The best shells batteries for iPhone.


This is not a secret for anyone, the iPhone break easily and their battery drains relatively quickly. It is there that come on to the scene the shells batteries, they have the advantage of protecting your iPhone and recharge it at the same time.

We have selected for you, the best shells batteries for iPhone.

Ding Ding 3200mAh iPhone X battery box .


The hull battery Ding Ding for iPhone X has a 3,200 mAh of power, which is enough to get a full charge, see more.

You can attach a USB cable-C in order to charge your phone and your case at the same time.

In addition to being very light, 76 g only, the Ding Ding has a design very thin, sleek and anti-slip that ensures a good grip. The power button is on the back, when you press it, an LED light turns on and informs you how much charge you have left.

Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 .

Smart Battery Case pour iPhone 7

The Smart Battery Box is a silicone case, with microfiber lining soft, in which you insert and remove your iPhone.

The rear part houses the battery, thanks to it you get a battery life of 26 hours.

The disadvantage of this hull battery is its price, it costs a little more than 100 €. It is, admittedly, high, but you will get a high performance product.

The Smart Battery Box there is unfortunately not for the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus.

Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s .

Smart Battery Case pour iPhone 6/6s

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6S, you should Know that the Smart Battery Box, as previously described, is also available for your model.

What is interesting is that you can see the energy level of the shell from your lock screen iPhone and the notification Center.

Note that this shell is charging with the Lightning to USB cable.

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 7 .

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7

The Juice Pack Air from Mophie is a thin and very elegant, compared to other cases with built-in battery.

Its case rugged rubber makes it resistant to shocks and falls. We appreciate its raised edge on the front, which guarantee a protection of your screen when it is placed against a flat surface.

Although the design is thin, the Juice Pack Air has a capacity of 2 525 mAh, which is enough to fully charge your iOS.

Mophie provided a micro‑USB cable so you can charge your iPhone without having to remove the case. It is also compatible with the wireless charging.

If you have an iPhone 6 and you like this product, head over to the Fnac !

It is also available for iPhones X, XS, XR and XS Max.

Shell battery for iPhone 8/7 Ion Follows .

Moshi Coque batterie pour iPhone 8/7 Ion Suit

Moshi has made a name in the field of accessories and this case built-in battery contributes to this.

It is a shell sliding, in which you simply drag your iPhone. It is composed of two parts, independent of each other. In other words, you can remove battery and keep only the one which protects your iPhone.

With this shell, your smartphone will benefit and protection to military standards, and its battery will last twice as long (3 020 mAh).

Savfy Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s .

Savfy Battery Case pour iPhone 6/6s

The Savfy Battery Box is lightweight, slim, and more portable than the Mophie. Its battery capacity of 3 200 mAh battery is impressive and will allow you to fully charge your iOS.

It is made of ABS (thermoplastic polymer), a rigid material that is very resistant to shocks.

You will surely enjoy the 4 LEDS on the back of the shell that tell you the energy level.

In addition, this case comes with a charging cable micro USB and a jack.