The best shells and cases for Samsung Galaxy S10.


The S10 is the latest flagship phone from Samsung, it comes with impressive features, such as a display screen Infinity-O, with an integrated fingerprint reader, three cameras rear display and a nearly edge to edge.

To protect your S10, but also customize it, add-on a superb pouch or a shell !

Noreve Saint-Tropez .


Noreve is a French brand whose cases are hand-made and quality leather.

The refined design of these products gives a very elegant to your smartphone. You can customize it by choosing yourself the finish of the material (smooth, Saffiano, varnish, grained, etc.) and color (black, beige, pink, grey, blue..).

However, note that its price differs depending on the leather for which you are aware, the Suede will be more expensive than synthetic.

This cover will protect your entire samsung Galaxy S10. First, the screen with a flap collar, then the back and the edges thanks to a hull gently cut.

In addition to preserving your Samsung against daily impacts, you can place your credit card, your business card, or other document in the slots dedicated to it.

Noreve also manufactures cases and covers for S10+ and S10e.

If you want quality and style, then we are convinced that Noreve you like.

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case .

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S10 Vintage Leather Wallet

Snakehive, one of our favorite brands, offers magnificent cases in nubuck leather and hand made.
This case portfolio provides protection against scratches and everyday wear. It closes gently thanks to its magnetic closure.

It can hold up to three credit cards or transport, and its small internal pocket allows you to store your notes. It is available in several colors, and for the S10+ also.

Casetify .

Coque Casetify pour Galaxy S10/10 Plus

The brand Casetify offers a very nice selection of shells for Galaxy S10 and S10 More with a wide selection of illustrations and graphics.

The Casetify are not just aesthetic, they are also all made from an innovative material, the QiTech. They are lightweight, robust, and protect very effectively against falls.

Finally, thanks to their compatibility to the Qi standard, you can also take advantage of wireless charging.

Shells Presidio Grip from Speck .

Presidio Grip Galaxy S10 Cases

The shells Presidio Grip from Speck are reliable and affordable. You will not have a huge choice of colours, limited to dark blue, grey and black, but this has the advantage of appeal to users wishing to dress up and protect discreetly their S10.

Thanks to the veins and the coating of the hull Presidio Grip, your S10 do you will slip out of your hand, and even if this happens, the fall of your Samsung will be cushioned by its material dynamics, Impactium, as well as its two layers of protection with polycarbonate and rubber.

Also note that the Presidio Grip is also compatible with the wireless charging and that it is guaranteed for life.

If the hull Presidio Grip does not appeal to you, why not opt for the transparent hull, Presidio Stay Clear (29,95 €), or declination sequined, Presidio Clear+Glitter (34,95 €) ?

Samsung Galaxy S10 LED View Cover Case .

Samsung Galaxy S10 LED View Cover Case

The case LED View Cover is an official product of Samsung. In addition to securing your S10 against shocks daily, the front flap displays your notifications (battery level, time, calls and messages received..), so you won’t even need to open it.

On the inside, slip your credit cards or transport tickets. There is also a version for the Galaxy S10 More.

Totallee Thin Samsung Galaxy S10 Box .

Totallee Thin Samsung Galaxy S10 Case

With the shell, ultra-thin Totallee, protect the screen Infinity-O of your S10 and keep it away from scratches.

If you live in the United States and Canada, shipping will take 2 to 4 days. If you’re in France, then it can take up to 15 days.

This shell is also available for the S10 More and the S10e, at the same price.

Olixar FlexiCover Gel Case Galaxy S10 .

Olixar FlexiCover Gel Case Galaxy S10

Olixar is often the first manufacturer to come out of the shells for the new phones. This shell Gel cover with firmness and flexibility in the front (no need of screen protector), the back and sides of your Galaxy S10.

Note also that the Olixar is compatible with the wireless charging.

QDos Hybrid Clear Galaxy S10 Box .

QDos Hybrid Clear Galaxy S10 Case

If you are looking for a transparent hull and a little more solid than the previous model, then take a look at the Hybrid Clear QDos.

Its edges are TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane) is flexible, which allows for a better grip and shock absorption. Her back is to him, with a scratch resistant coating.

You can recharge your S10, S10 More or S10e by keeping their shell since it is compatible with wireless charging Qi.

Nodus Access Case III For Samsung Galaxy S10 .

Nodus Access Case III For Samsung Galaxy S10

If you are looking for a case leather protect and personalize your Galaxy S10/S10 More then there is the Access III of Nodus. The products of the brand are hand-made and are respectful of the environment.

It is somewhat different from a carry case as standard because it keeps your phone using the suction microscopic. These last cling to your S10, which, when removed, will not have any trace at the back, unlike an adhesive.

Inside, you can store up to three cards, and be aware that it is compatible with wireless charging.

UAG Samsung Galaxy S10 Plyo Box .

Coque UAG Plyo Samsung Galaxy S10

UAG or Urban Armor Gear, is a trusted brand to protect your smartphone, as it tests its products according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G. Thanks to the reinforced corners and raised from the shell Plyo, your S10 will come out unscathed from his fall accidental and the dust does infliltra not.

This shell is light, strong, and durable. In addition, it is compatible with wireless charging.

There is also the version Monarch (49,99 €) if you wish, it is also light but a little more bulky. It is comprised of five layers of rugged protection that exceed twice the military standard drop test. It is also a 10-year guarantee.