The best shells and cases for iPhone XR.


Here are the 13 best shells and cases to prevent damage to your iPhone XR.

Etui Snakehive iPhone XR .


To protect elegantly your iPhone XR, there is nothing better than the holsters portfolio Snakehive.

They are nubuck leather and hand made. For a product of such quality, we are pleasantly surprised that it is sold at less than 30 €.

Inside, you will find enough space to store 3 credit cards and currency.

This case portfolio is, in our opinion, ideal for all those who want to be chic and love the vintage style.

If the color of the green bottle (image below cons) you don’t like, don’t worry, there are plenty of other colors, it is even offered in two-tone.

Note that the free shipping for any orders placed the week before 14h (French hour).

Noreve housse cuir Apple iPhone XR .

Noreve housse cuir Apple iPhone XR

For the elegance and quality to the French, there are the covers leather case from Noreve. The protections are hand-crafted and customizable. Choose the color among 17 colors), add a belt clip, an engraving and Noreve is a pleasure to create a cover that looks like you.

You will have a quality product, and unique for less than 100 € !

Evo Check for iPhone XR .

Tech21 Evo Check for iPhone XR

The Evo Check Tech21 is slimmer and lighter than many of its competitors.

Its protection is optimal thanks to the Flex technology shock, the proof being that she can survive a fall of over 3 metres.

Its design is rather simplistic, the plaid pattern is rather subtle and it is available in several colors.

This shell is compatible with the wireless charging.

Woolnut Cognac for iPhone XR .

Coque en cuir Woolnut pour iPhone XR

Apple does not manufacture of leather holster for the XR then Woolnut took the lead.

This shell is made of vegetable tanned leather and the lining is microfiber. She is thin, but sturdy, and it protects all the corners of your phone against falls and blows.

The Woolnut is a quality product, created with beautiful materials, at a price pa if excessive. However, it is only available in two colors, brown and black.

Soft Clarity for iPhone XR .

Mous Coque Clarity pour iPhone XR

This beautiful shell in Soft protects your XR while putting him and his color, by value.

It is also resistant to scratches and it is impervious to UV rays, there is no that it does not yellow with time.

In addition, it is equipped with the excellent material AiroShock that absorbs the impact of each accident.

Another positive point, this case comes with a screen protector shock-proof.

Incase Protective Clear for iPhone XR .

Coque Incase Protective Clear pour iPhone XR

The hull Incase Protective Clear for iPhone XR envelops your phone without adding thickness. It is a silicone case which is very flexible and resistant. Moreover, its transparency allows you to see the beautiful color of your XR.

The Incase promises to keep the stripes at a distance and to secure your iOS falls.

Shell Soft for iPhone XR .

Coque Mous Limitless pour iPhone XR

The brand Soft offers pouches of high quality and very well designed, which are particularly suitable for owners of iPhone XR to the hectic life.

The range Limitless 2.0 is available in several finishes : Aramid Fiber, Walnut, Leather, Bamboo and Shell (photo).

Thanks to its technology AiroShock (air pockets) and a protective film with 3 layers your iPhone XR is safe. The shocks will be damped and absorbed.

Find some models of the mark on

Hull Pure Soda from Tech21 for iPhone XR .

Coque Pure Soda de Tech21 pour iPhone XR

The hull of Pure Soda of Tech21 uses a material called “BulletShield”, it is used to soften falls from a height of 3 m (max).

It is thin, weighs less than 20 g, and is compatible with the wireless charging.

The shell is available in glacier blue (pictured) and orchid. The semi‑transparency of the shell put in value the color of your iPhone XR.

You also get a lifetime warranty.

Shell Proporta Flex Switch for iPhone XR .

Coque Proporta Flex Switch pour iPhone XR

The pouch Proporta Flex Switch is a rigid TPU soleplate with an outer layer of woven grey, for a good grip. Your iPhone XR will come out unscathed from falls and accidental bumps.

On the other hand, a crutch is placed on the top, it will allow you to watch a video in landscape mode, for example. It folds away easily when you no longer need it.

The pouch Proporta is compatible with the wireless charging, and it is guaranteed for life.

IPhone XR Mujjo leather iPhone XR .

Coque Mujjo Full Leather Wallet pour iPhone XR

The case Mujjo is made of real leather smooth, its finesse and its lightness do not prevent to be robust.

If you dress up your iPhone XR of this case, while the latter will remain intact after the shock, unfortunate and no scratches do will pave a path.

You can slide your credit card or your business cards, but also charge your iOS without removing it from the case.

Hull Speck Presidio Pro for iPhone XR .

Coque de Speck Presidio Pro pour iPhone XR

The hulls of Speck Presidio Pro provide insulation to double layer, a scratch-resistant, prevents bacterial proliferation and protects your iPhone XR falls 3 m.

It is composed of a polycarbonate outer shell, flexible, and an inner lining “Impactium” which absorbs shock.

The hull is also compatible with the wireless charging.

Hull Strade Series Otterbox for iPhone XR .

Coque Strade Série Otterbox pour iPhone XR

OtterBox is one of the leading brands in the field of carrying cases for smartphones. The holster Strada is top quality leather and the contour is polycarbonate highly resistant. Its flap folds in to the aid of a small magnetic closure in metal.

You also have room for a credit card or cash.

Hull of Bellroy for iPhone XR .

Coque 3 Cord Bellroy pour iPhone XR

This shell of Bellroy is made of premium leather environmentally certified and polymer. It has a slot that can accommodate up to 3 cards ; it can also be used as a support for maintenance.

Inside the case, there is a compartment for storing a SIM card, which is ideal for expatriates and travellers.

This case Bellroy is available in a range of colours : navy Blue, Black, Caramel, Coral and Grey. In addition, it is guaranteed 3 years.