The best series Netflix (2020).


Netflix : how does it work ?.

Netflix is a platform for video on demand (SVOD) subscription-based. It offers a very wide catalogue of movies, series, documentaries and even cartoons.

You can access the platform from any device : smartphone, tablet, TV or computer, using the Netflix app (iOS, Android). Note that it is even possible to watch your favorite series off-line !

The platform offers 3 subscription packages monthly :

Essential to 7.99 €/month : on a single screen.

Standard 11,99 €/month : on 2 screens at once.

Premium 15,99 €/month : up to 4 screens at once.

VPN for Netflix.

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The series Netflix to watch.

Our selection seeks to be heterogeneous, we have included a series of French and international of all kinds.

If you hesitate between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, see our comparison of the two platforms of streaming.

1. Family Business .


Family Business is a comedy series French in which we find Gérard Darmon (The City of fear) and Jonathan Cohen (Serge le Mytho and Brief).

Gerard Hazan, a butcher kosher tries as well as it bad not to put the key under the door. Joseph, his son, holds the solution : turn the beef in the coffee-shop (the first in France) thinking that cannabis will soon be legalized. In the meantime, he will have to disguise his or her small business..

2. Intimidation .


Adam Price is a husband, a father, and a lawyer happy. His life is idyllic on all the plans..until a iconnue only reveals to him a dark secret about his wife..

3. Mortal .


Deadly is a fantasy series French. It follows Sofiane, Victor and Luisa are 3 teenagers that all objects whose fate switches when they realize they have super powers..

4. Stranger Things .


If you’re a fan of science-fiction and horror, this series is for you !

One evening in the fall of 83, a young teenager of 12 years, Will, disappears abruptly. His mother, the police, his best friends, and the enigmatic Eleven will begin its search.

5. The Casa de Papel .


The Casa de papel leads us into the backstage of what is to be the largest case of Spain : the turning of the Fabrique nationale of the currency and timbre.

They will try to take over 2.4 billion euros, without doing any hurt..

The operation is meticulously led by an enigmatic character named “The Professor” who, for the occasion, has brought together a team of criminals sorted on the pane.

Attention, as often, the devil is in the details..

6. The Witcher .


The Witcher is an adaptation of the saga literary Polish The Witcher. Geralt of Riv, a hunter of monsters, mutants lonely, tries to find her place in a world, but it was without counting that humans are the most evil.

7. Dracula .


Dracula is the new baby of the creators that Sherlock and Doctor Who (some episodes), it is what it is..It follows, of course, the famous Count Dracula, blood-thirsty, but this time in London, and not more in Transylvania.

8. Spinning Out .


Kate Baker, a young figure skater, thought she would never contribute to the result of a bad fall to the head. His misfortune not coming alone, she also needs to manage a relationship that is toxic with her mother’s manic-depressive. But this is not all, Kate is, itself, suffering from bipolar disorder..

9. V Wars .


The life of Dr. Luther Swann rocker when his best friend Michael says a strange disease and is transformed into a vampire. This evil will spread and eventually split the company in 2, one side of the Human, of the other drinkers of blood.
Luther makes it his mission to find an antidote, during this time, Michael becomes the leader of the Vampires.

10. How to raise a super-hero .


The title of the series gives you a clue to its gender. In How to raise a super hero, we follow Nicole, a young widow who raises alone his seven year old son Dion. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers supernatural powers to his protégé.

11. Living with yourself .


Miles Elliot leads a life rather morose, and his marriage is struggling and his job situation is not better..Tired of seeing as well, it is tempted by a mysterious treatment for modifying the DNA, which would enable them to become a better person.

A decision he regretted bitterly being replaced by a version of him enhanced.

12. What/If .


What/If is a series of anthology (each season will have a different story) that combines thriller and drama.

Sean and Lisa are a couple happy and fulfilled until they have placed their trust in Anne. Since their life doesn’t look anything like what it was..

13. Top Boy .


Appointments in the eastern suburbs of london where you will follow a band of young people involved in drug trafficking.

The 2 seasons of Top Boy were broadcast on Channel 4 between 2011 and 2013, it returns to Netflix for its 3rd season.
If you liked The Wire, then you will not be disappointed with Top Boy.

14. Elite .


Elite (ÉLITƎ) is a series of thriller Spanish, we find some of the actors of The Casa de Papel.

We follow Nadia, Christian, and Samuel, three teenagers from the popular class, which incorporate Las Encinas, a school, a posh and very selective. Then they think they have the chance for a new beginning, disputes and conflicts will erupt between them and the other students, until there’s nothing surprising.

Except that a murder has just been committed in the grounds of this prestigious school..

15. We, the wave .


We, the wave is a series of German which is the adaptation of the novel Wave written by Todd Strasser.

A group of teens form in search of a better future in the face of rising nationalism. However, their movement eludes them fast hands, and takes rather the appearance of a tidal wave as a simple wave..

16. The Rain .


There is a six years a deadly virus, which is spread by the rain, has decimated nearly all of the population scandinavian.

A brother and a sister, who had taken refuge in a bunker, have survived. Their output, they make the sad discovery of the remains of the world they had once known..

They soon make the acquaintance of a group of young survivors with whom they embark in search of a trace of life.

17. Black Mirror .


Today, the new technologies that accompany us in daily life. They help us work, communicate and entertain ourselves. But like many things, it comes to at the risk of losing control.

This series depicts our relationship to these new technologies in a fairly-near future. What one appreciates in this series of anticipation, it is his mixture of genres : science fiction, horror, satire, thriller, and drama.

18. Ozark, al .


Side family life is going well. Marty is a loving husband and father of two teenagers with no history.

Professionally, it is more complicated. The employer of Marty is none other than the second largest cartel in mexico. His mission ? Launder $ 500 million in 5 years.

This series is full of suspense, love it.

19. The Haunting of Hill House .


If you are someone who loves the series of terror and the supernatural, or if you are in search of sensations (very) strong, so we recommend The Haunting of Hill House.

During the summer of 1992, the Crain move into an old mansion called Hill House, but what was supposed to be a paradise on earth become a true hell (paranormal events, losses.). To rebuild, they decide to move, the problem is that the demons will continue to haunt them, even years after.

20. Peaky Blinders .


Is this a dip in the Birmingham of the end of the XIXth century could you try ?

In the heart of the industrial Revolution, the 2nd largest city of England is plagued with crime and gang wars, of which the Peaky Blinders.

We love this series for :

Its mix of history, the Peaky Blinders have indeed existed, and fiction..
Its visual quality.
Its soundtrack anachronistic (the White Stripes, Johnny Cash, Artic Monkeys, ..)..

21. Umbrella Academy .


Do you like super-heroes ? Then, you’re going to love the Umbrella Academy.

Forty-three women in the world are going to give birth at the same time, but children are not like the others..They are proving that they have powers.

The billionaire inventor Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted 7 of them, with the aim of protecting the planet Earth from any threat.

22. Locke and Key .


Nina Locke, a young widow, and her three children are trying to rebuild their lives after the murder that horrible father of the family.

The decision is taken that they emménageront in the ancestral home of the family, however, their new cocoon that proves to contain mysterious key with supernatural powers. These could be linked with the tragic fate of Rendell Locke.

23. Riverdale .


The tranquility of the city of Riverdale will soon switch, with it, the life of young Archie and his friends. In effect, the death rather mysterious to their classmate Jason Blossom will bring to the surface secrets, until then well hidden.

Adds to this tragic event than the arrival of a New-York. Decidedly Riverdale will be as it was before..

24. I am Not Okay With This .


Sydney has everything a teenage girl ordinary who must deal with the challenges that this phase confronts. However, it has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from all, of the powers hidden deep within her..

25. The Crown .


This series takes us behind the scenes of the british monarchy, one of the largest in the world.

The Crown (The Crown in French) traces the conspiracies and events surrounding the reign of queen Elizabeth II, from his marriage up to now.

26. Altered Carbon .


Altered Carbon is a science fiction series, taken from the eponymous novel by Richard K. Morgan.

You’ll be immersed in a future where humans have the ability to transfer their consciousness from one body to another. One night, the richest man of the planet is murdered.

He comes back to life in a new physical body and he decides to resurrect a former elite soldier, who died 250 years ago, to elucidate the mystery that surrounds his murder. In return, the ex‑military regains his freedom.

Altered Carbon is a good series because it raises a lot of questions on bioethics, the meaning of life, social inequalities..

27. YOU .


John Goldberg is a young shy man, fond of literature and owner of a bookstore in New York. While it is cradled by a lifestyle that is very quiet, it is going to look into the eyes of Beck. This meeting will unveil his personality, tormented and obsessed by this young woman..

An obsession that it will feed by using the social networks of the one he fell in love.

Intrigue, suspense, love, everything is there to immerse you in a universe happant and disturbing.

28. Mindhunter .


Mindhunter is a series based on the novel of Mindhunter : inside the mind of a profiler. We are end of the 70’s, two FBI agents team up to develop a new method of investigation.

It is to work with serial killers to entrap others. How to go?they persuade them to cooperate ? Can one really explain homicidal behaviour ?

This series is made for the fans of psychological thriller to the Seven, which is from the same director, David Fincher.

29. Osmosis .


Osmosis is a series of science fiction French-the facts of which takes place in a future where Love is found through science.

Micro‑robots are implanted into the brain of users, the information collected will allow the application of OSMOSIS to find THE perfect partner.

But the science is not exact.. ?

30. BoJack Horseman .


It is a series of animation where humans and animals anthropomorphic stand side by side. BoJack Horseman is a horse that has had success on TV in the 90’s.

At present, he lives very poorly his status as a has-been. He falls in depression and becomes addicted to alcohol and ketamine.

We love the black humor and satire of this series.

31. Soon on Netflix .


This year, we are eagerly waiting for The Eddy (with Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim, seen in A prophet), Vampires, a French series (march 20), Madam CJ Walker (20 march) and The equerry of the king.

In 2020, Netflix will welcome Into The Night on his platform, an original series 100 % belgian.
The story takes place behind closed doors in an airplane. The passengers are trapped and trying to survive in the sun inexplicably become mortal. These unknown, that any objection will be required to support and put their differences aside to pull out..

The cynical nurse Mildred Ratched in the classic Flight over the cuckoo’s nest will return current 2020 in the series Ratched. You will discover the evolution of this iconic character that gives you goose bumps.